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Passive income from blogging?

When i started my Singapore IPOs Blog on 7 July 2007, I wonder if it is possible to receive some passive income from blogging. The idea behind was to combine my passion for investing with my desire to share that knowledge through blogging and then trying to earn some coffee money out of it. I will share with you my experiences here and you can decide for yourself if you want to take this path.

It took me exactly one year before i receive my first pay check from Google for reaching the minimum payout milestone of US$100. I thank the support of all my readers who "faithfully" check this blog whenever there is a new listing in Singapore. However, the number of visitors will fluctuate widely like the IPO market. There is seasonality and i will go "hungry" whenever there is a famine in the IPO scene. ^_^ The good thing about blogging about IPO companies is that i do receive a lot of ad-hoc visitors through Google who search for the upcoming companies seeking listing. 

Just to share, the most reliable advertising partner for bloggers like me is still google adsense. But as i shared before, having integrity is important in your life and this apply to blogging as well so it will be wise not to be funny in trying to increase traffic or clicks to your blog through the wrong way. At the end of the day, i agree with Derek from Financesg that it is the content which drives readers to your blog. In any case, if you are wondering how much i have made through blogging, i can let you know that after five years, i still can't buy a daily cup of local coffee from the hawker centre. hahaha

I too have my fair share of 'bad advertisers' who refuse to honor their obligation such as Advertlets below. As you can see, i am lucky enough to get the first payout of RM100 in May 2009 and after which they decided not to pay or answer to my emails anymore. Anyway, i am pretty sure i wasn't the only one whom they had defaulted on but this is not the right way to run a legitimate business and it is only a matter of time before they....

I have since switched to Nuffnang exclusively. While i am eligible for payout, i decided to accumulate to $100 before clicking the payout button. I will update you again if something untoward happens. hahaha but going by the comments from some of our bloggers, that doesn't seem to be an issue and i hope Nuffnang can continue to do well given they started out here in Singapore.


I made a decision to blog more actively in Aug this year and the responses have been fairly positive. I guess this is probably due to the goodwill generated by the IPO blog over the years. So the lesson to share is "don't give up" and it is frankly quite pleasing to see more "likes" on my facebook page than on some of the local stocks and shares website. hahaha. I started to reach out to other bloggers to exchange links and that has also helped to increase the traffic. FinanceSG and SGbloggers have been particularly helpful in helping boost some of the traffic although i have to say that Finance SG is more 'atas' in terms of website design and they do screen through the posts to ensure that the postings are relevant and have proper labeling.  The only downside is that the articles will not be as 'fresh and timely' as it should be. If you want to exchange links with whichever blogs i run, just feel free to add a link to them. I do check where the traffic comes from regularly and i will add you to the 'sidebar' whenever i see traffic coming in nicely from your end.

In September this year, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a request from Unruly media to help them run the Heineken video. Perhaps my efforts to step up blogging helps and blogging can be a way to earn a living? After all, you can see some famous bloggers doing endorsements on their blogs. The only issue about blogging for me is that i don't want to be famous. hahaha. Not at this juncture. I just want to hide someway and drink my local coffee in peace without having people staring at me. :)

I will update you again next time to tell you if i managed to upgrade from a local kopi to a gourmet Latte. 

I hope this post is useful in your decision whether to take up blogging seriously but it will take time, patience and passion to build up your "fans'.

Happy blogging! 

Far East Hospitality Trust - Insiders in action?

I am not sure if you read my post on FEHT on Monday. The post is here.

Here is the updated chart at closing today.

The stock moved up strongly on Monday and 3 initiation research reports came out this morning (Wednesday)!

You can see that the prices ran on Monday. Remember my posting on the importance of closing price? So did the price run because of the F1 news announcement over the weekend or did it run because of insiders who knew about the research reports that will be released today. 

Imagine you receive the reports this morning and put in a buy order expecting the prices to continue to run but as you can see, the prices fell in the morning instead and even fell to a low of 1.01. Why is that so? Those 'professionals' are probably short term and dumped the stock on the new buyers but amazingly, the price came right back up to close at 1.03, which is good for this counter. We shall see how it performs in the longer term.

Today i put in an order to buy a counter for SRS but missed out by one bid and the prices ran. Anyway, i will wait patiently for it to drop again but i will share the identity of this counter with Friends of Mr. IPO. Just click on the "exclusive for friends" tab.

The research reports are enclosed for your reading pleasure but i will need your help to increase my free storage so that you can continue to enjoy them. If you can, please install drop box on your iPhone  iPad or computer using this link. Much appreciated.

Happy SRSing.

Pursuing Financial Freedom the "right" way.

I read with interest various blog posts regarding whether one should give allowance to their parents or applying for bursary when one don't really need it.

I guess it struck a bell within me to make me write this post today. 

In July this year, i wrote a $5,000 cheque to my Alma Mater. I committed to the school that i will donate the same amount for 10 years as long as i am working. It is my way of saying thanking to the school who made me what i am today (be it good or bad), for helping me meet my wife there and my way of giving back to society. I definitely hope the money I donated will be put to good use for students who truly need it.

As mentioned in this post, me and my wife not only don't borrow from our parents, we have been giving to our parents since the day we draw our first pay check and the amount has been increasing over the years whenever we receive a pay increment. In recent years, I also top up both my parents' CPF account each year. Whether they need the money or not is secondary. It is my way of thanking them for bringing us up. Of course I do agree that what they want from us is not just money, it is our time too! So do spent time with your loved ones, including your parents. I stay very close to my parents because i want my kids to be close to them. 

In my view, giving money to our parents on a regular basis instil a lot of financial discipline. This is because i impose on myself that the amount must be set aside for them each month regardless of whether i am working or not. As such, i will not conveniently forget and spent it on something frivolous. It is quite sad sometimes to read story about a mother being able to raise up 4 kids single-handedly but the 4 kids cannot afford to take care of the elderly mother. It is truly sad if a parent has to sue their kids for maintenance allowance. Of course i will not go into the debate as to whether the parents have been a responsible parents. If you have not been giving, my kind words will be to give your parents an allowance each month, even if it is a token amount but let it come from your heart cheerfully.

My message today is whilst it is good to be pursing financial freedom when you are young, my gentle advice is to do it the "right way". Of course you may disagree with me as to what is the 'right way' but i do hope that one day, when you reflect back on your life, you will be able to say proudly that you have achieved financial freedom in a way that will make both your parents and your kids proud of you. This has been and will always be my goal in life.

Far East Hospitality Trust

Far East Hospitality Trust in my SRS Fund had a nice run up. This is probably due to the good news that Singapore has extended its F1 contract by another 5 years till 2017.

Investors probably like what they are hearing and move into the stock throughout the day. 

The fact that it closed near the high of its candle will probably bode well for this counter in the near term. 

Happy SRSing.

The iPhone5 is so HOT.... that I top up my SRS account.

I thought I was "lucky" enough to receive the confirmation email from Singtel to inform me that I can book an appointment to Marina Bay Sands on last Friday. The "happiness" turned to "frustration" when i couldn't even log in at 10pm and after trying for the longest time, i was informed that all the slots have been taken up. :(

On Friday evening, I received an email telling me that I was able to purchase the phone from any Singtel shops from Saturday onwards. I decided "strategise" and visit the most remote outlet in Raffles Place to buy my phone (since most people have a 5 day work week).

I reached the outlet at 10.15am only to find out that there are so many others who think the same way as me......and the queues were snaking around the outlet in Clifford Centre...and from the look of it, it will probably take me at least an hour or two before i can buy the phone.

I hated queuing and nothing is going to make me queue for 2 hrs unless I am in Disneyland. hahaha.

So i headed to the Golden Shoe Carpark.. and on my way, i see that the DBS bank is empty! There are no queues! 

Since i went off empty handed, I decided to do something useful and top up my SRS account. Here you go. I brought forward my plan (from mid Dec) and transferred $12,750 into my SRS account. For those who wants to deposit, you have to do it before December 31 to enjoy the tax benefits against the income earned in 2012. This is an earlier post on how to open one.

Happy SRSing.

Perennial China Retail Trust

Today i added 10,000 shares of Perennial China Retail Trust ("PCRT" or the "Company") to my SRS portfolio at $0.50 each.

I have been contemplating adding either CapitaRetail China Trust ("CRCT") or ("PCRT") for the last few days. At one time yesterday, i was thinking, why not add both instead. hahaha.

Anyway, back to the story of why i pick this sector and eventually chose PCRT.

Despite what people say about slowdown in China, my personal view is that China is still attractive in the medium to long term. The country may not be exporting as much as it want to but it has a very buoyant domestic economy that is likely to be sustained by the increasing middle class segment. They are going to spend money and the malls are probably going to be crowded in the foreseeable future. In addition, i have 'less forex' worries for RMB vis-a-vis most currencies.

CRCT is part of Capitaland and its website is here. Actually i quite like CRCT and its portfolio of shopping malls. The yield is about 6.7%. The portfolio consists of assets in key China cities and most importantly it is a REIT, which means the payout is almost 'guaranteed'. It is trading at 1.0x price to book and the occupancy rate is at a high of 98.1%. Perhaps i should also add this stock to my SRS portfolio at some point in time. While i like CRCT, i felt that it is trading at fair value at current prices, which is what held me back. If it was trading at discount to its book value, i would have probably chosen this instead of PCRT.

Back to PCRT and the reasons for buying it.

Perennial China Retail Trust is a business trust (not REIT) as it undertakes and develops  new projects. As such, investors will be subject to development risks from its portfolio. The fact that it is not a REIT also mean that the manager can choose not to pay out regular dividends should it have a better use of the cash. As such, to make me buy this stock, there must be other "attractive" reasons. Let me share with you some of my thoughts behind the purchase.

1. Dividend is 'guaranteed' through the earnout arrangement.

The yield at $0.50 is approximately 7.7% and the sponsor is billionaire Mr. Kuok Khoon Hong, the Chairman of Wilmar. Mr Kuok has about 17% stake in PCRT. This arrangement will ensure unitholders that there is a visibility of dividend streams to unit holders. Purist may not like this arrangement as this is somewhat sounds and smells like 'financial engineering'. hahaha. (actually i don't really like this as well) but nevertheless, it provides me with some assurance that i will receive my dividend while waiting for the sites to be fully developed.

You can access SCB's report on the above here issued in April. SCB's analyst has a target price of $0.51 and put its RNAV for FY2012 at S$0.93 per unit.

2. Interesting pipeline

The picture below shows you the initial pipeline, the approved acquisitions and the pipleline assets.
Actually what made me took a second look at this company is the pipeline of projects that is going to be completed in 2013 and 2014 and the company has the right to acquire some very interesting development sites beside the high speed railway stations in Xian and Changsha. (Sounds like how the JR stations in Japan integrates with the big shopping malls).

You can access DBSV report dated 10 Aug here. DBSV has a 12 month target price of $0.83 and a NAV per share forecast of 71.1c for FY2012. CIMB expected the company to turnaround in Q12013 and the report is here.

3. Proven Management

The CEO, Mr Pua Seck Guan, used to be the CEO of Capitaland Retail Limited. You can access Kim Eng's report dated 4 April 2012 here. There is probably more "upside potential" if you are a developer than if you buy a mall when it is fully developed. I think that is where the 'meat' is. In CRCT's case, the development risk is undertaken by CapMallsAsia (if i remember correct) and CRCT will have the first right of refusal should CapMallsAsia wants to sell its developed malls in China. Kim Eng believed the RNAV could be as high as $1.19 per share!.

For completeness, i attached the GS report dated 9 Aug 2012 for your study.

4. The company seems to be at an 'inflexion point".

In my personal opinion, the Company seems to be at the right inflexion point whereby it will be re-rated once the projects are completed and tenants fill the mall. If the projects proceed as plan, it is unlikely i can get back in at this price (unless there is delay to the projects).

The above is a weekly chart of PCRT. My gut feel is that downside is probably limited and backed by its NAV of at least $0.71 while it looks poised to break on the upside once the projects come on board (and provided the Chinese economy doesn't go down the drain).

In conclusion, i hope to have the cake (regular dividends) and eat it (the project pipelines coming into the portfolio as planned).

Happy SRSing.

Running out of ideas?

I am running out of ideas for the SRS fund.

I was contemplating if i should get into Hutchison Port (the Sing dollar version), considering its yield of more than 8% (if i remember correctly) but i would have preferred to get in at 88c or below.

In the end i didn't buy because it is a business trust and that i am uncertain if there will be more weakness in the export economy of China but the downside seemed limited to me.


Someone suggested China Merchants Pacific, a toll road operator in China. The yield is about 7.5%.

I have not been following this China stock but i understand the parent is a reputable company and the Company has been paying out dividends in the past.

I was even contemplating buying some cocoa powder but in the end felt that it is currently too heaty to drink milo and personally i prefer coffee anytime. hahaha.

So here you go. No more ideas as most of the stocks i like to buy for the SRS portfolio are still trading at very high prices.

I will probably have to wait for correction before getting into the stocks that i like. The only good thing that happen today is that UMS has moved up from its base and my purchase price. :)

Drop me some SRS ideas if you have any stocks to share and like my facebook page if you find the articles useful. I am still a long way to 1,000 fans. :(

STI investing

"IHH Healthcare, the world's second-biggest listed healthcare provider by market value, has replaced container shipping firm Neptune Orient Lines as a constituent of the Straits Times Index (STI) after a half-yearly review. The STI is the key benchmark for the Singapore stock market and is used as the basis of financial products including exchange traded funds, futures, warrants and other derivatives. STI constituents account for about 60 percent of stock market turnover and 65% of full market capitalisation, according to stock exchange data."

In case you haven't realize, a Malaysian based healthcare company has kicked our shipping giant out of the Straits Times Index.  Let's look at the 10 year monthly chart of NOL.

You can see that the glorious days of NOL was in 2007-2008. It has not seen daylight in recent years with losses piling up.

I never like the shipping industry as it is very cyclical and earnings are pretty volatile. Anyway, the message today is how to invest in STI. 

You can invest in STI via STI ETF. ETF stands for exchange traded fund. In other words, you buy units of STI ETF and the fund manager is supposed to use the money which you have invested to buy a portfolio that mimics the STI component stocks. In this recent instance, the fund manager is supposed to start selling NOL shares from its portfolio to switch into IHH Berhad shares. This will probably explains why when a stock is removed from the STI component stocks, the share price will come under selling pressure and if it is added, there will be buying interest in the stocks.

Even Warren Buffet spoke about Index investing and why it is good for "common investors". 

If you want to participate in Singapore's growth story and has no time to monitor the market, one way is to start buying STI ETF at regular intervals. You can find more information about Singapore ETF here. Basically it works like buying any stocks, just tell your broker you want to buy STI ETF and the ticker code is ES3.SI

Since the components stocks will change periodically, it means that they will cull away the not-so-good stocks and usually replaced it with more promising counters. I may consider some STI ETF for my SRS portfolio one day but at this juncture, the yield of less than 3% doesn't appeal to me to put into this portfolio. 

Happy investing. 

Every dog has its day ? :P

It is interesting to note that Raffles Education has sprung up to life since my last posting here where i decided to do some summer cleaning.

In case you are wondering why the share price has sprung up to life, it is because Oei Hong Leong has bought some more stake in it. Anyway, every stock has its day, and today is Raffles Education's turn.

NeraTel has shot up strongly since my purchase at 40.5 cents. hmm... another "re-privatisation" coming up?

SRS Portfolio at 31 Aug 2012

I received my August statement today. This month has more passive income. Receive the following amount:

Cache Logistics - $99.05
Starhub - $100
Starhill Global - $108
Suntec - $118.05

Total passive income received for Aug 12 = $425.10

As of 31 Aug 2012, the SRS account received $1,359.10 for the current year. 

I am still a long way from creating a passive income of at least $1,000 per month :(

As of 31 Aug 2012, the cash is $40,318.21 as the 2 transactions of Far East Hospitality Trust and UMS are not reflected yet. 

Portfolio as of 31 Aug 2012

Happy SRSing

Your career is very important!

To achieve financial freedom for yourself, your career is very important and the pay check you draw (and save from it) will help determine in a great part whether you can break out of the rat race.

Many of you may be familiar with Robert Kiyosaki's cashflow's quadrant below.

The idea of the financial freedom game is to move from the left quadrant to the right
But in true honesty, how many of us can actually become a business owner or an investor successfully without first being good at our career? It is not easy to be an entrepreneur and you will have to find out for yourself whether you are able to take this path. :) If you know that you want to be one, the earlier you start, the better it is if you want to be an entrepreneur or the opportunity cost will get steeper and steeper. 

I have chosen and taken a path from an employee (E) and an investor (I) in my pursuit. I am thinking of adding (B) eventually but this has to be carefully planned out because i need capital to be a B. If i miss a step, i may end up being a "J". Jobless. hahaha.

Anyway, back to the topic today. In case you have not visited this interesting website, it is From here, you can benchmark your current salary to your job. How i wish there are someone to guide me when i was much younger but in any case, you will need to know for yourself what motivates you in your life. (The fact is if you are reading this blog, i will know what motivates you).

Your career is very important and from the experience it gives you and the salary it pays, it will help determine how fast you can move from the E quadrant into the I quadrant.

I have mentioned previously i started out as a lowly paid auditor but the annual increment was good. Within 3-4 years, the pay doubled. Actually i was doing pretty well in audit. I have the so called "major clients" which you will only be assigned if you are good and the partners trust you to 'service the clients' well. But the working hours are very long and while I am not sure if i can last till partnership, i am prepared mentally to slog it out to become a partner. 

Then an interesting call came. My client in the fund management industry (i use this sector very widely) poached me to join her firm. Actually that client was not the first to approach me. Another client of mine tried to ask me over and also offered to give me a good increment, but i wasn't interested in the advertising industry. I know from day one, i want to move into the fund management industry. I know what i want very early on in life as my passion is in investments.

Lesson learnt - You will need to excel in what you do and the opportunities will come.

When you start out, excel in whatever roles you are given. Have a positive mindset and mentality. The opportunities will come. It is very interesting to note that if you have in a client facing job, be professional and maintain good relationships. The referrals to future jobs or opportunities will come from there.

In my second role, i stayed on for 7 years. During this period, my boss left and i replaced her. This is the place where i built my track record as i rose through the titles and job scope. It is important to build a track record. Without a track record, the next client wouldn't dare to employ you. The period of 7 years also indicate that i am no job hopper and is a stable and mature employee.

Lesson learnt - Build a track record in your profession and don't job hop unnecessarily.

It is not too good to stay in a job for too long so that you wont get stagnant but at the same time it is a bad idea to job hop too frequently and reflects very badly. You will have to build a track record in your career and i emphasize again that the first 2 jobs you have is critical as it will determine your future career path. As such, choose wisely whenever you are presented with a job opportunity if you are graduating (seems like i am getting a lot of young facebook friends on my page).

My second role while paying a decent salary, wasn't a excellent paying one. However, it allows me to create a track record as it gave me very good experiences and wider job scopes. By the end of 6 years, i knew that i am "underpaid" relative to similar positions in the market. I had interviews with several firms but none of the interviews came through but the joke was that even though my experiences fits what they are looking for, they don't dare to hire me because i wasn't paid well enough at my current place. Isn't that ironic.

Interestingly, just when i decide to leave and start my own fund management firm, an offer came through a headhunter. It was for a front/middle office role in a foreign bank and it was then i realize foreign banks do pay very good basic salary and bonus. I even had a small sign-on bonus and that was during the Global Financial crisis. On hindsight, the decision to join the bank was a good one as it would have been difficult for me to raise funds for my small fund. It also widened my experience and network.

Lesson learnt - If you want to be an employee, work for a very profitable company. They will pay you generous bonuses during good times.

I can imagine that profitable foreign banks and oil companies will pay excellent bonuses during the good times. That is why the employees hardly leave the good firms and can stay on for many years. So if you want to get a well paying job with decent bonuses, it is important to join a company that is very profitable. They will be more generous in attracting and keeping talents and they have the means to do so.

As fate would be, in 2010, i receive a call from a headhunter for a firm I couldn't say no to. So here you go. I am in my fourth job since graduation and each time i moved at my own terms. However, i still call it a job because it is in the left "E" quadrant. The difference is that i have made use of my opportunities to move into the "I" quadrant in the last 8 years. My plan is to move to the B quadrant but it is truly not easy. I may still start my own fund management firm one day ;-)

Anyway, the emphasis of my story today is that your career is very important. I summarize it below for those who are at the crossroads or at different timelines. 

Before graduation - A good degree is critical in opening doors but it will depend on your capability thereafter. However, if you don't have a good degree, then you may have to take a longer path.

Upon graduation - it is important to choose a firm that will give you the experiences and the career progression. Your first 2 jobs will determine your future career path. Build your network but never burn your bridges.

When you are in your first or second job - Focus on creating a track record in your career. It will be a defining moment if you can demonstrate your career path within the same firm.

If you are only after $, then it is important to choose a profitable company.  If you are after $ and career, it is important to choose a profitable firm that offers good career prospects :-P (Isn't this obvious).

Update your CV and contact the headhunters once in a while. If you want a salary jump, you may need the help of headhunters and let them have your updated CVs. However, never lie about your credentials, current salary and experiences. Integrity is critical as what you write in your CVs are easily verifiable. A person with no integrity will never go far.

Take good care of your career and plan it well as it will determine how you achieve your financial freedom.

That's it for the day. Have a good weekend.

UMS Holdings Ltd

Today i completed my buy order for the technology-related stock i mentioned on 31 Aug 2012.

I have bought 10 lots of UMS Holdings Ltd at $0.40. If you have been following my blogs for a while, you will know my dislike for technology and manufacturing stocks since a long time ago and my views of them have not changed.To make me buy this stock, it must have certain "virtues" which i like.

Let's have a brief description of what UMS Holdings Ltd does and why i found it to be attractive.

Business activities

UMS Holdings Ltd (the "Company" or "UMS") is a one stop company providing equipment manufacturing and engineering services to OEMs of semiconductors and related products. (Urghh...can you still remember the pain brought upon investors from Chartered Semiconductor and STATS Chipac?)

Research Report

I attach the research report of UMS Holdings Limited, which was issued by SIAS on 22 May 12 for your bedtime reading. The recommendation is presented below with its target price.

What i like about the Company

There are a few things which i like about the Company.

1. The Company has no long term debt.

Based on the 30 June 2012 results, the Company has a cash of $23m and no long term debt. It has a short term borrowing of $10m which was used for an acquisition. In the prior quarter, the company is in a net cash position with no debt.

2. The Company has adopted a quarterly dividend payment policy.

I think the Company is showing good capital management and accountability by adopting such a policy. It gives great certainty to investors of a regular payment stream. The only concern is that i am not sure about the capex requirements of UMS in the coming years. Probably it will set aside a certain amount each quarter for capital expenditures. In fact, the Company has announced an interim dividend of 1c per share and the share will trade X-dividend on 16 Oct 2012.

3. The quarterly results for Q2 2012 continue to improve over the same period last year.

4. The Company is trading at attractive valuations.

In my view, i thought the Company is currently trading at attractive valuations of only 5.2x price-earnings ratio and at 0.7x price to book. I believe the good valuations is probably due to its small cap status of only $137m

5. The addition of UMS will further diversify my portfolio

My portfolio currently has no technology stocks unless you include Nera Telecommunications. I have no intention to add any more tech-related counters to my SRS portfolio unless they are very compelling. I think $4,000 exposure to this segment should be sufficient.

That is it for today. This is not an inducement for you to buy but for me to keep a record and rationale so that i can refer to it in future.

Happy SRSing.

SRS 101 - How to open a SRS account.

Today is an "unlucky" day. I continued the order for 10,000 shares of the "tech" stock at 830am in the morning but no trade was done until 5.05 pm where my order was only partially filled at 3 lots .... what can i say....except very 'suay'....

I might as well buy 10 lots at 40.5 cents instead of waiting the whole day to get 3 lots done. If i continue tomorrow, i waste another round of commission. urghh...I will do a write up on the stock tomorrow... now have to think if i want to buy the remaining 7 lots or it is 'fate' that i should have 3 lots only. hahaha..

Lesson - should have checked at 4.55pm and withdraw my order if it is not done by then or buy up at the higher bid at 5.01pm :-P

Some of the readers asked how to open an SRS account, whether CPF can be utilized and how to use it to buy stocks.

SRS account is basically a 'retirement' scheme. There are enough articles on how the scheme works and you can download the handbook here.

Basically it works like this (assuming you want to open an account this year).

Step 1 - Open a SRS account with one of our local banks, DBS, UOB or OCBC.

Step 2 - Contribute $12,750 in cash to the SRS account.

Step 3 - Inform your brokerage firm of your SRS account and asked them to link it to your trading account. 

Step 4 - When you want to buy or sell shares through the SRS account, select SRS (if you can) on the internet platform, otherwise, call your broker to 'amend' the internet trade to SRS on the same day itself. 

Here comes the important part. Your tax savings for 2012. See example below, sourced from here.

Happy SRSing.

Be a friend of Singapore IPOs today.

In my post on friday, I shared about a "manufacturing" stock in the tech sector that is paying attractive dividends on a quarterly basis and i am thinking of adding some to my SRS portfolio.

Well, i have shared what that stock is with friends of Singapore IPOs facebook and going forward, i will continue to share more interesting content there (hmm..common internet marketing ploy?).

If you are not a friend or fan yet, the picture below shows you how to become a one. I look forward to seeing you... Hmmm... sounds like becoming a friend of the zoo? hahaha.