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SRS Portfolio - 28 Feb 2014

Nothing much to write again... Except that I read about the recent results of Riverstone and its continued good performance caused me much anguish. Hahaha. Why did I let go of it?!?

UMS continued to be a pleasant surprise with increased divideds and prospects. Probably that was a good decision on hindsight. 

I think dividend investing in good companies should continue to be a strategy which I should pursue for this SRS account. 

Sitting on much cash with nothing to do. Will a crisis ever come in 2014? Better start working hard on my retirement plans once my working hours resumed to its normal pace...

Happy SRSing

China Environment

I think i have no "luck" with S-Chip and i should avoid them.... haha the first time i recorded the S-Chip in this blog was China Fishery.

I shared with you my position in China Environment earlier, and the next thing i know, it broke the "cut-loss" support which i have in mind of 49c and i cut my position at 48.5 cents today.

I don't like the look of the chart so probably, insiders are selling out. Time will tell if my decision is right or wrong but if you have followed me long enough, you will know that i don't like to hold on to a losing position. The first loss is probably the best loss for me.

Happy SRSing and i will need to think for a long time before getting any S-shit. :-(