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Don't treat your career marathon like a sprint

This article appeared in the previous week's EDGE. I have mentioned before that pacing yourself in your career is important and having a work life balance is as important! It helps to keep your sanity and become very effective and efficient in your work. 

Funnily I saw this poster in a toilet today. Perhaps can share the 9 foods that enhance men's health. Since majority of my Facebook fans are male, suitable to post this today ^_^

Have a well paced and balanced career. No point making millions and losing your life through ill health. And remember to share your wealth with those less fortunate. 😄


I have to tell you that I have been swarmed with work, which is why you hardly see any postings from me in recent weeks. In fact, my crystal ball tells me it will be even worse in November. Nevertheless, i have to tell you about the near miss i had.

I had a short coffee session with a stock veteran on Wednesday last week and nearly spilled coffee on him when he told me 

"I just whack a few hundred lots of Blumont and hold. Don't think too much, when such opportunities come, just whack".

You know i never really like small caps but having said that, i also know that small cap will give me the opportunities to make muIti-baggers. 

Since i trusted this veteran, I whatsapp my broker immediately,  asking him, can i buy Blumont from my SRS account at $0.14 and he replied, nope. SGX says cannot, only cash transaction allowed.

I was not deterred but decided to do more work over the weekend to find out the intrinsic value of Blumont and saw this article by Kevin Scully

The next thing i know, SGX lifted the "designated stocks" on the 3 stocks including Blumont and here you go, the opportunity to make some money "vanished" in the air. 80% return within one day at the end of today. Urggh... perhaps i should be more 'gung-ho', think less and use my 'cash trading account' to buy Blumont instead. 

Sometimes i am quite amused by my own 'inertia' and the excuses i have for not executing the transaction... i better be more 醒目 (alert) to such opportunities.

I haven't told you about another missed opportunity in RH Petrogas at 66c. I am already quite upset with myself. haha will keep the story for another time if i have time... but UOBKH came up with a $1.60 target today and i think the chance to buy at 66c will probably be gone for now :(

SRS Portfolio - 30 Sep 2013

Just came back from another business trip.

September is a "divestment" month where i continue to sell SPH and Suntec Reit

Interestingly, despite my divestments, I also received $597.87 of distributions from the following counters:
  • Mapletree Commercial Trust $87.65
  • Perennial China Trust $190
  • AIMPS Industrial REIT $82.50
  • Capita Retail China Trust $234.50
  • Interest income $3.22
I am currently holding $89,523.41 in cash. I will deploy them again when the time comes. I guess one regret will be selling Riverstone, which has since moved on to 'greater heights'. :)

Happy SRSing.

Mapletree Commercial Trust

Today, i sold off my position in the above trust at $1.23, barely covering my original investment cost.

I am doing a "major" portfolio reshuffling, moving out of interest rate sensitive stocks but i have yet to think of where to deploy the freed up cash yet. I will keep you posted later.