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Starfish SRS Portfolio Expected Yield

I updated my portfolio expected yields as of 30 June (automated using some software).

This is just an estimate so read it with a pinch of salt.

The expected yield on this portfolio based on the historical cost which i purchase is around 7.24%. In other words, i am expecting a dividend of $6.9k every year on my portfolio but as you can see, i am still a long way off in reaching financial freedom! :( The portfolio is well diversified with no individual stock weighing more than 10%. I will probably trim my position in Croesus and rebalance should the share price recover above $1.

As mentioned in my earlier post, i am low on cash now in my SRS portfolio. So i will need to either sell some stocks or top up with 2013 allocation if i want to add some more positions. 

Happy SRSing.

Addition of "ACS" to SRS portfolio

Today I added 3 positions to my SRS portfolio (2 new and 1 existing).

Frankly i am not sure if it is a good time to buy (technically don't seem to be the time yet) but as i have shared with you, this diversified Starfish SRS portfolio is meant to create a stream of passive income to fund my retirement. I still have side pockets of cash to take advantage of the crisis (if and when it happens), be it in stocks or property. Remember to always keep a pool of cash on hand for such purposes but more importantly, know how to deploy them when the time comes.

In addition, I have 2 other "instruments" to help me "hedge" my positions via futures and CFDs when necessary, so you too will have to expand your repertoire of skill sets over time.

Ascott Reit

I sold my Ascott REIT on 29 May 2013. Today, i bought 5 lots back at $1.265. The yield at current price is more than 6.5% (assuming occupancy remains the same). This is my only hospitality REIT at this juncture with most properties outside "hazy" Singapore.

Croesus REIT

My entry post was here. I have to admit to you that my entry was too early and at that time, I was 'switching out' the 4 lots which i get from the ATM into SRS. Today, i added another 5 lots of Croesus REIT at $0.945. The yield at current price is close to 8%.

Suntec REIT

I have previously owned Suntec. Today i bought 5 lots at $1.545. The yield at current price is more than 5.8%. Probably the yield will go up once the asset enhancement projects are over. I wanted some exposure from the office sector to balance up my portfolio.

Invested Capital and Cash on Hand

My total contribution (i.e. investment capital) from 2006 to 2012 is as follows:
2006 - $11,475
2007 - $11,475
2008 - $11,475
2009 - $11,475
2010 - $11,475
2011 - $12,750
2012 - $12,750
Total = $82,875 

Current portfolio value based on today's share price plus cash is around = $102,371 

My remaining cash is running low and i may contribute the 2013 allocation of $12,750 to the SRS account soon.

Passive Income Goal

Assuming my portfolio cost of $82,875 generates a yield of 8%, my passive income will be around $6,630 per annum. I will work out the implied forward yield of my portfolio when i have the time.

Sigh... still a long way to go! I want it to hit at least $50,000 per annum before i retire... :(

Show me the money!

Here you go. I am going to show you the money for the new coins that will come into circulation. 

Fresh from the "oven". ^_^

A Global Meltdown and a REITgrettable mistake?

The recent addition of 5 REITs actually added a lot more volatility to my SRS portfolio.

As of end today, the entire SRS portfolio is only up 5.6% and all the losses are ALL "contributed" by the recent REITS that i added! :(

Have i been too impatient in adding the REITs and was it a bad mistake? A lot of the REITs looked "downright" ugly... and it will be a while before they recover.

The portfolio as of today looks like this:

We shall see if a meltdown is on the cards. I will probably implement a strict "cut off point" should a global meltdown happens to preserve my capital.

For those who want to purchase a property, you will need to see a global meltdown in equity prices before it filters down to property prices. 

To complete the picture to those who have been following my Apple purchase, it hit my "stop profit" level and i got out at a small profit last week. 

Take care all :) 

Mapletree Commercial Trust & Sabana REIT

Today i added 2 more portfolio counters into my SRS portfolio.

5 lots of Mapletree Commercial Trust at 1.22. The projected yield should be ~5.5% at current price.

5 lots of Sabana REIT at 1.15. If i recall correctly, the projected yield should be around  ~8.5% at current price. I was also contemplating Cache Logistics but it seemed that with the recent addition of AIMPS and Sabana, i am "too" overweight on industrial REITs whereas the yield on office and retail reits have yet to drop to appealing levels yet.

I am building up a portfolio to create a stable cashflow of dividends for my retirement, so my focus was more on the cashflows. 

Not sure if it is a good time to buy, only time will tell. ^_^

Starfish SRS Portfolio as of 31 May 2013

Here is the portfolio status as of 31 May 2013. The unrealized valuation gain is around $10k but of course you know what happened in June. The markets crashed and so the unrealized gains would have dropped as well.

May seemed to be a good month for dividends? Received a total of $1,239.44 dividends from the following counters:

Nera Tel - $400
Overseas Edu - $275
SPH - $70
Riverstone - $157.44
Starhill - $137
UMS - $200

Also divested Ascott, Far East and M1. The post is here.

I will be deploying my cash in SRS back into the markets when i see good valuation or yields. 

Happy SRSing.

AIMPS Reit and CapitaRChina

I am terribly busy with work and am going for a trip soon, thus am not entering into trades even though i see some beautiful opportunities for trading last evening.

Nevertheless, i made 2 investments for my SRS portfolio but i will not elaborate too much as they are basically yield plays as i re-balance my SRS portfolio with this sell down.


Industrial REIT that is yielding around 7%. I entered 5 lots at 1.65

Capita Retail China

Bought 5 lots at 1.57. Again for the yield which is around 6%.

Happy SRSing