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SRS Portfolio - 14 July 2024

The Singapore REITs sector went into overdrive on Friday, after inflation data shows that it is cooling down faster than anticipated. Market is now anticipating two rate cuts with the first starting in September 2024. As such, SRS portfolio recovered from $402,233 to $416,543 in a matter of two weeks.   Portfolio News since last update AIMS APAC REIT will announce its results for Q1 on 31 July 2024 Daiwa House Logistics Trust announced the completion of the logistics asset in Vietnam Frasers Centrepoint Trust will announce Q3 update on 24 July 2024 Lendlease REIT will announce its results on 5 Aug 2024 UMS acquired 5.38 acres of industrial land at Penang Science Park North, Malaysia The more existing news is the launch of Astrea 8 and the public offer is now open. I only managed to get a small allocation from my RM and I understand that many of the clients were cut back and there weren't enough bonds to go around... My write up for the IPO is here . Happy SRSing

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