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SRS Portfolio - 4 Dec 2022

November is a decent month where the SRS portfolio received the following distributions: $1,042 from Suntec REIT $1,827 from Frasers Centrepoint Trust Distributions for Nov 2022 The portfolio value also recovered further from $349,178 in my last update on 13 Nov 2022  to $362,304 (see portfolio summary below). Portfolio as of 4 Dec 2022 In between the two updates, I made the last business trip of the year to Asia. Singapore Airlines continued to make a roaring business, reporting a nice Q2 operating profit and resuming dividend payout for the first time since covid, much to consumers' dismay. lol.   Once the Chinese market opens up, that will probably be the last "hurray" for the share price to recover and break above the $6 mark. Having said that, I am never a fan of the airline business but it is really nice to see our national airline flying high again as we lack a domestic market.  Singapore Airlines - still a great way to fly! Weekly share price of Singapore Airline

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