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SRS Portfolio 6 Feb 2021 - and a Happy Moo Moo Year

I sold my position in Starhill Global REIT this week when it hit my sale price at $0.535, resulting in a small "profit". 

I am still holding on to my two other positions - Fraser Centrepoint Trust and Suntec REIT and the portfolio is showing a small gain of $7,682  

After the sale, the SRS cash to be invested is now standing at $242,274. With a few more days to Chinese New Year, I don't think I can find any stocks to deploy in the year of the Rat.

The year of the Rat seemed to be a weird one. On one hand, every economy was suffering and many people were affected by the fallout. On the other hand, the stock market globally recovered from June and has remained buoyant since. Everyone has nothing else to do but play the stock market?

My back-of-envelope computation (excluding the annual $15,300 contribution) seemed to show that the SRS account grew by ~ $48,000 during the Covid year. The SRS portfolio value as of 6 Feb 2021 is $347,324, implying the year of the Rat returned around 16.8%. (All ballpark numbers which can be properly calculated if I am feeling bored by digging through the old posts). 😷

I am sure many readers here would have "bettered" this return if they are fully invested whereas I am sitting on partial cash in my SRS account all the time.

May the year of the Golden Ox will be a better year for all my readers and here's wishing all of you and your loved ones a healthy, wonderful and abundant 2021 !   


SRS Portfolio - 31 Jan 2021

The SRS portfolio has been pretty boring when compared to what is happening elsewhere where retail investors are causing a "headache" to regulators who are more used to orderly stock price movements. You can read the story about Gamestop on Wall Street Journal here.

This game is going to stop (pun intended) somewhat and will end quite badly for punters and speculators while Keith Gill is laughing to the bank (if he knows when to get out). His $59,000 investment has turned into tens of millions. More interesting in the picture below is that he is using a "secret lab" chair and has done Singapore proud (free advertisements)! Well done Secret Lab founder

The SRS portfolio continued to show a small gain while the losses from Starhill narrowed. I may rebalance my position in Starhill if it recovers further and move to other counters. Having said that, the SRS portfolio is still sitting on a cash balance of $188k, which I can be deployed. 

Maybe I can find more interesting counters when the market finishes with its correction. So long for a lazy afternoon . . .    happy SRSing

SRS Portfolio - 15 Jan 2021

The SRS portfolio moved in tandem with the rebound in the REIT market and showed an unrealised gain of $7,191 and the value reached a new high of $346,508. 
It is also sitting on a cash balance of $188,858, which I have "failed" to deploy.

The SRS portfolio could have performed much better as cash is a drag and sometimes doing nothing - as in not selling Lendlease and UOB - would have done a better job for me . . . 🤕 . .  but hindsight is always 20/20 . . . I had also wanted to deploy the cash in SRS into two other counters Credit Bureau Asia at 1.03 and AEM at 3.45 in late Dec, but I didn't pull the trigger due to hesitation and procrastination 😂

One key reason why I have been neglecting the SRS account is that I find the local stock market pretty boring - there is no volatility and you only play REITs, Banks or Tech-related stocks and they are quite 'limited' in quality and quantity. I will continue to dedicate the SRS account to stocks in these 3 categories as well as investing for the longer term horizon.

I mentioned that I was going global in Sep and have been having a lot of fun learning about these markets since, especially over the last 1 month. I traded the Hong Kong market in Meituan and Tencent, Softbank (Tokyo), ST Microelectronics (Paris) and many counters on NASDAQ such as Alibaba, AirBnB and Zoom Video. I have to admit I quite enjoy learning about these new markets even though the quantum of the trades are not big. What I like about these markets are the optionality and the volatility! For example - AirBnB and Doordash shot up by more than 20% in 3 short days (of course the reverse is true as well) 😱 You can see how my "profits for 2021" shot up in the chart below due primarily to AirBnB and Tencent but at one time, it was in the net loss due to Alibaba, so you will need to be able to "stomach the volatility" if you want to invest in these markets. 

So far, the first 2 weeks of January have been "fun" with net profits at $12k but I am still learning the ropes and the nuances and temperament of the different markets.

Similarly, I would encourage you to expand your horizon to other markets as well in a slow and measured manner. My verdict so far - Hong Kong and US markets are most exciting, where they have the depth and the volatility.

Do remember to enjoy your journey while on your way to financial freedom!