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Accessing Private Equity + SRS Portfolio 24 Oct 2021

Ordinary investors, like you and me, always have difficulty accessing private equity. The closest "access" retail investors have is the Astrea Private Equity Bonds, which was launched by Azalea , with Astrea IV being the first retail bond and Astrea VI being the latest issuance in March this year. A local start up,  Xen , tried to offer private market funds to investors, but wasn't really successful in doing so in adding quality funds to its offering.  Another local startup,  Addx (formerly known as iSTOx), tried to help accredited investors break into private markets (note: not just private equity), with a few interesting offerings this year but the scale at this moment is still small.  The most successful global startup is actually Moonfare , who was started by former KKR executives and was able to offer access to very high quality funds. Accredited investors can access these PE Funds from as low as Euro 50,000 but the catch, which most investors didn't realise, is

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