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SRS Portfolio - OTS Dividend and New Position Added

Dividends from OTS Holdings The SRS portfolio received the dividend of $700 from OTS Holdings.  OTS was added some time ago, after its IPO but the share price has since declined and about 12% "down". Having said that, I added the position because I benefited from the IPO placement tranche and decided to back the company through my SRS Portfolio. The financial performance for the full year was disappointing but it was due to IPO expenses. I will wait for the 1st half performance to see if there is any growth before deciding whether I should continue holding on to this position.    Initiate a position in AIMS APAC REIT I added a position in AIMS APAC REIT - buying 30,000 shares at $1.41 per share. The annualised FY2022 DPU of 9.5 cents means that I will add $2,850 in distributions for next year. An overview of AIMS APAC REIT is below. Source: AIMS Corporate Presentation dated 27 Oct 2021 What I like about AIMS is that it is actually quite stable and the AUM has grown steadily a

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