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This the season for cutting loss ^_^

August seemed to a long one. It is one where my alerts went non stop whilst i was in the midst of meetings. hahaha..

Anyway, today i had 4 sell transactions on my SRS account.


I took profit on Riverstone when 62c gave way this morning. I first entered this position sometime back in Feb this year.

Perennial China Retail Trust

This is one whereby i had ample opportunities to sell at much higher price. I first entered this position in Sep 12, see it move to the high of 66c before collapsing back close to my entry price again :(

I should have said "goodbye" when 58c give way but i didn't haha. Anyway, this is life! :)

Sabana REIT and Ascott REIT

I also cut loss on both Sabana and Ascott REIT when it broke below the recent low of 1.115 and 1.215 respectively today. Contrary to what you may think, i am actually quite happy cutting losses as it allows me to move on and rethink about how to deploy my money into more fundamentally strong stocks. The "trick to cutting" loss is to make them "palatable" and less painful but once your cut loss level is hit, don't hesitate. Cut and move on.

Anyway, probably this are the last few positions to cut loss. 7 remaining positions in the SRS account.

September will be a busy month for me where i will be flying around most of the time... probably will not have as much time to invest and trade. 

Happy SRSing.

Good "Reit-dance"?

I divested two more REITs today when they all hit the internal "cut loss" points i had for them.

I sold CapitaRetailChina when $1.40 support gave way.

I also took profit on Starhill Global when $0.80 gave way.

Anyway, at the rate it is going, the portfolio is going to do a 'self-pruning" and allow me to rebuild my portfolio in the coming months.


It is interesting that I got stopped out with 2 REITs within a week. My first was Croesus Retail Trust on Monday. I first got into AIMSAMPI on June 4 at $1.65, saw it drop further before it recovered above my entry price on 2 July. It then went downhill thereafter and broke the key support at $1.53 yesterday and I cut loss at $1.50 today.

As mentioned earlier this week, i am focusing my efforts into more concentrated positions (larger investment amounts and less companies) for my SRS fund. 

For those who are not on Facebook, I ran a poll on SoilBuild REIT and this was the poll results made last evening. I mentioned that it is probably a good idea to give Soilbuild REIT IPO a miss given the meltdown in industrial REITs. So if you want to receive the most updated postings and thoughts, probably a good idea to like my facebook page and you can "message me" via facebook as well. 

Happy SRSing.

Riverstone Holdings

Riverstone announced a good set of 1H results with 2.3 Malaysian Sen interim dividend. A report from UOBKH is here.

The Company continued to be debt free and generating strong cash flows to fund its capex requirement while at the same time, maintains a strong dividend payout ratio of 40-50%. This is a very well run company.

The share price is at record high. We shall see how it performs in the next 6 months.

Croesus Retail Trust

Today I cut my loss in Croesus Retail Trust at 91.5c when it broke below the IPO price of 93c. You can see that even for positions which i acquire for long term and for passive income, there is a "cut loss" point as capital preservation has always been my priority.

I take this opportunity to explain to you why my IPO chilli ratings are for 'short term' indication only. If you have sold on the first day at $1.14, it is a 22% return and a 3 Chilli for sure. After 1 week, it drops to a 2 Chilli and after one month it became 1 Chilli. Today, it became chopped chilli....

I am not sure when Croesus will recover again but probably i will avoid it for now.

I spent the long holidays thinking how i should "refocus" on my SRS portfolio. I intend to:
-  reduce the number of positions in my SRS portfolio to a more manageable level
-  increase the exposure through larger and more concentrated positions
-  search for under-valued, fundamentally strong and if possible, dividend paying stocks. 

Stocks such as NeraTel, Riverstone, Overseas Education and UMS have been doing well for me. In addition, I will probably not increase my exposure to REITs.

Happy SRSing.

Starfish SRS Portfolio - 31 July 2013

Not much transactions this month except that i sold Nera Tel. Frankly i am not sure if that is a wise move but we shall see.

The portfolio received the following income:
Dividend - 2nd Chance: $170
Dividend - UMS Holdings: $100
Interest - $0.73

The Portfolio is now holding cash of $22,457.96 which can be deployed into new positions.

Happy SRSing.