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SRS Portfolio - 30 June 2014

For the month of June, the SRS portfolio received a dividend of $255 from China Merchant and an interest of $4.07

The position in UMS was divested in July. The divestment post is here.

As of 14 July, I am holding a record $111,484 in cash waiting to deploy in bigger quantum into new positions. As i have shared with you previously, this SRS portfolio is going to focus on more concentrated positions with a stronger focus on growing the net worth than generating passive income. 

I will deploy the passive income strategy on my wife's SRS account which i have been contributing on her behalf.

What is my performance so far? According to my post on 1 July 2013, the MOIC (Mulitple over Invested Capital) or ROI (Return on Investment) was standing at 1.22x. This year, i did the same analysis and added a new IRR figure which is estimated as i didn't track the exact ins and outs of the cashflows. So please take it with a pinch of salt. The ROI now stands at 1.32x and the IRR at 7%.

Happy SRSing

UMS Holdings Ltd

UMS hit my cut loss point today. I would have cut it earlier had i been more vigilant in monitoring the stock but i was busy travelling for work in May and holidays in June. The major shareholders and CEO has sold a fair bit last month so perhaps it is time to say goodbye.

UMS has treated me very well. It has given me $1,050 in dividends since i first bought it in 9 March 2012. My capital gains is about 62% above my cost price but as i mentioned in earlier posts, i should put in larger quantum and not the meager sum.

So long for now.

Happy UMSing