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SRS Portfolio - Happy National Day

Happy 54th Birthday to Singapore!

How our country "retire early" from a 3rd world country into a world class city is a lesson for all of us who pursue financial freedom!

1. Invest in education

Our government under the late PM Lee invested a lot in education, firmly believing that education is the fastest way out of poverty for its citizens. Even China is pursuing this strategy to become a superpower nation through education (see propaganda pic below)

Similarly, in your pursuit for financial freedom, you have to first invest in your own financial education. A degree is probably the first "door" you would need to open to get a decent paying job, followed by opening other "financial wisdom" doors that allow you to invest and achieve financial freedom. 

2. Save hard for the future 

Our forefathers is "clean and not corrupt" and saved for the future generations. They didn't spend every dime they make. They saved hard to benefit the generations after them. 

前人种树后人乘凉 - meaning the forefathers planted the trees for us to enjoy the shade. 

Today GIC and Temasek are the two most respected institutions globally. They did not benefit from the "oil" money, unlike those SWFs in Norway or Middle East. They do not benefit from rich natural resources, unlike those in Canada but these two institutions became one of the richest in the world through sheer diligence in saving and disciplined in investing. You have to give credit to our forefathers for having the foresight to set up two forward thinking organisations. 

3. Invest well

After having entrusted with the monies, you need to be a good steward and invest the cash well. You have to let the money work hard for you. 

Today, GIC owns many hotels and properties globally and Temasek has done well with the SG companies that they have been entrusted with. 

Similar to how our nation achieved financial freedom in less than 54 years, you can do the same. The earlier you master the art of saving and invest for your future, the earlier you "retire". 

Not sure if you read the article about a determined Japanese woman who scrimped and saved and now owns 3 properties. See the article here. Anyone can do it too if the mind is set. Of course I wouldn't try to live a miser like her but she is a proof that it can be done. 

SRS Portfolio - 8 Aug 2019. 

Other than the falling share prices, not much movement since my last update in July other than $500 dividend from UMS Holdings. The stock dividend from Frasers Commercial Trust will be credited in late Aug 2019. 

Goals for 2019

I have been reviewing and updating the goals set for 2019. I have achieved some of the goals set but also realised that a few of the goals are unlikely to be achieved. You can visit the goals set at the beginning of the year here but let me recap them:

1️⃣    Increase net worth by $250,000
2️⃣    Passive income of $100,000
3️⃣    Generate trading gain of $25,000
4️⃣    IPO Tikams of $20,000
5️⃣    5 new places or experiences
6️⃣    Maintain weight at 83 kg
7️⃣    Read 6 books and blog fortnightly
8️⃣    Earn 200k Krisflyer Miles

After much reflection, I have decided to remove goal 3️⃣   on trading.  I don't have the inclination or the time to trade due to my frequent traveling. I will instead change the trading goal into a multi-year investment goal - i.e to build up a $1m stock portfolio by 2025

I have also decided to lower the amount for Goal 4️⃣   IPO tikams from $20k to $5k. This is a very harsh year for IPOs and the pipeline likely to remain barren till end of the year. 

My refreshed goals for 2019 looked like this:

1️⃣    Increase net worth by $250,000
2️⃣    Passive income of $138,000
3️⃣    Build a stock portfolio of $1m by 2025
4️⃣    IPO Tikams of $5,000
5️⃣    8 new places or experiences
6️⃣    Lower weight to 82 kg
7️⃣    Read 3 books and blog fortnightly
8️⃣    Hit 680k Krisflyer Miles balance 

It is good to reflect and update my goals every now and then. It serves as a timely reminder to see if I am still on track.

Hope you are enjoying the super long weekend break!


  1. Wow, I am also coming up with my own goal or so called resolutions, but the only time I review it is start of the year. I thought you already have portfolio of 1mil?