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Saving the earth app - NLB and Libby

One of my refreshed goal no. 7 this year is to read 3 books and blog fortnightly. I am going to "fail" on the blogging part but surprisingly, I managed to read more than 3 books using the NLB app on my iPad.

The downloading of the app and signing up for the library membership using "MyInfo" was pretty straightforward and easy.

From the app, I can search for ebooks that interest me. Eg. travel related or investment books.

I can click on the book for more details before deciding whether I would want to borrow it.

Borrowing is free and you can borrow up to 16 books. In addition, you don’t have to worry about overdue books as they will be “auto returned” on due date.

You can also download the book and read it offline !

However to download and read the book, you will need the Libby app as well. The app will allow you to read the “downloaded” book anytime and anywhere.

Spend time to read some 📚📚📚 books this festive period but do it the clean and green way - and save our planet ! 🌍

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