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SRS Portfolio - 30 Nov 2019

I have nothing much to update for my SRS portfolio. I sold off my OCBC Bank in my last post and the decision to sell UMS Holdings at 80.5 cents turned out to be a bad one 🤕  It continue to run all the way to 95 cents and that represents a "loss" of $14,500 (assuming i sold at 95 cents). Ouch! 😫

I received 773 stock dividends from Frasers Commercial Trust at the end of November and that is reflected in the "$28,000" profit you see above over the period which i elect scrip dividend over cash dividend. However, the stock was since suspended and the news of the merger has yet to be announced. You can read about the "rumour" to merger with Frasers Logistics here. One of my key concerns will be the valuation at which the merger will be consummated, given that the counters are trading at different book values and yields. Let's see how the respective boards resolve this conflict should the rumor be "true"!

On the "forex side", I finally made my "virgin" trade in November as well.  It turned out well for now but i guess the "fortunes" can change anytime! 

As of 1 Dec 2019, I have about $196k cash to deploy! Let's see if i succeed in doing that.

It is time of the year again (dec!) where you can plan for your retirement by deploying your year-end bonus using the SRS account

Have you done it yet - Happy SRSing!

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  1. Thanks for sharing :) Always a pleasure reading people's personal updates!