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Overseas Education Limited - FY2012 Results

Overseas Education Limited ("OEL") announced its FY2012 results.

I have recently added the counter to my SRS account. The post is here.

The results as follows":

Revenue increased by 7.9% to $96.4m and net profit increased by 6.1% to $20.7m. My profit forecast in my IPO write up was $18.95m.  The EPS is 7.8c based on the pre-ipo shares but if based on the total number of outstanding shares, the EPS will be 4.97 Singapore cents versus my forecast of 4.85c. As you can see, i try to be more conservative in my forecast. :-P

This translate into a 2012 PER of 11.67x at the current share price of 58 cents. A dividend of 2.75 cents per shares has been declared and will be paid on 21 May 2013. The shares will go X-D on 9 May 2013. This translate into a yield of around 4.74% based on my entry price. 

This is a long term play for me. Don't expect much fireworks as this is a stable business and i am looking for yield.

Happy SRSing. 


  1. OEL will definitely benefit from the influx of wealthy foreigners who will send their kids to these schools.
    It would've been great to get OEL at IPO price, with a yield of over 5%, oh well, lol.

    Will u be adding some to your SRS portfolio?

  2. I am vested la. Never read my post properly ah :)