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Croesus Retail Trust

Today I cut my loss in Croesus Retail Trust at 91.5c when it broke below the IPO price of 93c. You can see that even for positions which i acquire for long term and for passive income, there is a "cut loss" point as capital preservation has always been my priority.

I take this opportunity to explain to you why my IPO chilli ratings are for 'short term' indication only. If you have sold on the first day at $1.14, it is a 22% return and a 3 Chilli for sure. After 1 week, it drops to a 2 Chilli and after one month it became 1 Chilli. Today, it became chopped chilli....

I am not sure when Croesus will recover again but probably i will avoid it for now.

I spent the long holidays thinking how i should "refocus" on my SRS portfolio. I intend to:
-  reduce the number of positions in my SRS portfolio to a more manageable level
-  increase the exposure through larger and more concentrated positions
-  search for under-valued, fundamentally strong and if possible, dividend paying stocks. 

Stocks such as NeraTel, Riverstone, Overseas Education and UMS have been doing well for me. In addition, I will probably not increase my exposure to REITs.

Happy SRSing.

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  1. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    re: I spent the long holidays thinking how i should "refocus" on my SRS portfolio.


    Hurray! Thank god you are doing that. That is good news. More investors, and would-be investors, should do just that.

    Even "dreaming" about the portfolio can lead to useful results; no need only "think" about it.

    No point letting even leisure time go to waste.