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It is interesting that I got stopped out with 2 REITs within a week. My first was Croesus Retail Trust on Monday. I first got into AIMSAMPI on June 4 at $1.65, saw it drop further before it recovered above my entry price on 2 July. It then went downhill thereafter and broke the key support at $1.53 yesterday and I cut loss at $1.50 today.

As mentioned earlier this week, i am focusing my efforts into more concentrated positions (larger investment amounts and less companies) for my SRS fund. 

For those who are not on Facebook, I ran a poll on SoilBuild REIT and this was the poll results made last evening. I mentioned that it is probably a good idea to give Soilbuild REIT IPO a miss given the meltdown in industrial REITs. So if you want to receive the most updated postings and thoughts, probably a good idea to like my facebook page and you can "message me" via facebook as well. 

Happy SRSing.


  1. I have invested into Aims Amp Reit 4 lots under my SRS portfolio this Monday. Rotten luck really. At today's close which is within 3 days, it's already at 6.0% paper loss. I am now stuck with a good problem, annual yield 6.5%.


  2. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    I have a similar problem. This time round, as of 27 AUG 2013, I'm looking to place a smallish-bit of money to collect some pretty-much imminent dividends.

    But with prices swinging by 1,2,3 years dividend, this will be hard to place.

    We'd have to see how this goes.

    a. There is this "war" problem (the americans again).

    b. There is soft asian data that will carry on for some time. The soft asian data has only just started, and will carry on for some time.

    c. There will be panic selling from foreigners, selling from locals throwing in the towel.

    This will be hard to place, and the dividends will be surrounded by danger on all sides.

    It would be easier just to cut spending and that has been cut; but just as well see how the dividend capture goes.