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SPH & Suntec REIT


I continue to rationalize my SRS portfolio today, taking advantage of the strong run-up to divest SPH at a small profit, which in my view, continues to face challenging times ahead. Many print media globally have gone bankrupt if they don't move with time and with SPH listing its properties and currently trading at 18x historical PE multiple and a yield of less than 4%, i think it is time for me to move on and focus on investing in good quality small to mid caps.

While giving me a small profit from my entry price of around $3.70, SPH has treated me well, giving me at least $930 in dividends alone over the past few years.

Suntec REIT

I also said goodbye to Suntec REIT. My purchase price was at $1.545 in June 2013.Coupled with the dividend of $112 received in Aug, my return from this short investment would have been around $650. The FED will probably raise interest rates next year and i took advantage of the rebound to divest my position. 

Happy SRSing


  1. I am still holding Suntec. Bought 20 lots at 1.585 2 months ago and 20 lots at 1.50 about 2 weeks ago. OCBC says 1.80 since they just renovated. I still see upside potential.

  2. Wow! Mr Sam is a rich man ;-)