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It's time of the year again!

It's time for the year again whereby you start reading articles about the benefits of SRS. Probably because Christmas is coming?

Goh Eng Yeow

Perhaps this author wants to gently remind you about what you should do with your bonus. However, what I can't stand is this author's tendency to boast about himself whenever he can. 

I am never surprised to see phrases such as "Since I have already doubled the money which I have into my SRS account..." I truly wish he can open his account and let it be audited. I am most willing to pay for the accountant fees to go through his account to find out if he truly has doubled his account and how he did it so that readers can truly benefit from it and take comfort that they are reading from someone who has been there and done it. 

You should have read his earlier claims about his "contribution" in helping some readers avert the Blumont crisis and his role in it or why the market crash whenever he takes holidays... Blah blah blah.. If only he can tone down the big I in his articles. 

Sometimes I really wonder if he is writing about his personal experience or boasting about them. It's a fine thin line. If he is right in future, I guarantee you that he will dig up his old articles and boast about it but conveniently forget about all the misses he made. He is nowhere near the humility of Teh Hooi Ling, a financial journalist who is now with a boutique fund manager. 

Open an SRS Account today 

Anyway, I don't want to sound like a broken recorder. If you haven't open or top up your account for 2013, it's time to do so. If you have been following my blog, you will know this I have topped it up quite sometime back. I won't go into the tax savings or the benefits of investing through it. 

Don't leave cash idling in the account 

Sounds like this article is written for me? Hahaha. Not really actually. If you have been following my blog, I have been steadily reducing my exposure in stocks and increasing my cash component.

Crisis always hit whenever you least expected it and I am increasing the cash component so that I can take advantage of it should it happen. 

Is a crisis coming soon ?

Your guess is as good as mine. I don't know and won't claim to know it. But when it comes, don't hesitate to deploy your cash. One indicator I am waiting for is for the FED to raise interest rate. 

What I am waiting for?

Am I waiting for crisis? Actually not. However I have been very busy in
my work and I wish I have more time to study the stocks fundamentally and analyze them. If you have any ideas to put those money into fundamentally value stocks, do share them with me via Facebook or leave a comments here. 

That is it for now. You have up till 31 Dec 2013 to top up your SRS account. Don't procrastinate and start your SRS journey with me! 

My SRS Journey

My SRS journey is well documented in this blog. You are most welcome to join me! 


  1. Yes, u are this guy is too show off. He said every time he go on leave market crash. He think just a few time lucky, he said every time. He do not know when he is going to dies, want to tell us when mkt going to crash. Please call him go fly kites. I don't bother to read his article, learn nothing.

  2. I want to make some correction to my comment......"Yes, u are...(miss the word ...right)..should be ..Yes, u are right, this guy is too show off.... Sorry.

    If he is smart, I wonder why is he is still with strait times, he should be call in by head hunter to lead a fund.

  3. SRS is ok if you feel you will have a job till official retirement age at first SRS deposit (now 62).
    If you lose your job before then, you will have a 5% tax penalty to withdraw the money earlier. Even if your tax bracket is 0% then, you will get withheld 5% before the SRS money is returned to you. (However, if your tax bracket is high enough - say, 20%, you will have earned 15% from the transaction)

    1. Tks for the comments. :) I envisaged to be working till 62...

  4. Teh Hooi Ling is also overrated. By the way, I have stopped my The Strait Times' subscription. No value at all reading the paper!!

    SG Wealth Builder

  5. Haha well at least she didn't get on my nerves :P