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SRS portfolio - 31 Dec 2013


Received dividends of $100 from UMS in December. The company had proven me wrong in many ways. When I first purchase this stock I was quite apprehensive, not sure if this tech related stock is able to pay dividends as promised. For those who just joined, the company promises to pay 1c every quarter and so far, my meagre 10 lots have been giving me at least $400 every year. The dividend plus the lack of volatility is actually quite "ideal" for a long term hold and the share price has been appreciating steadily. 

S chips

I added one S chip counter this week in the environment space. While I am wary of China stocks, I decided to give this counter a chance to prove me wrong. Haha. I will blog about it next time or you will see it being reflected in my statement in Jan. 

DBS Internet Banking

I was pleasantly surprise to see that the bank has improved its system and I can now view the portfolio and balance online. Not bad!

Happy SRSing


  1. Interesting news of updated DBS online SRS function. Will try it out over the weekend. Thanks.

    1. yah, pretty cool i think. finally in place.

  2. Don't leave us wondering which counter you picked up!! Give us a hint. Say, the first five letters... :D

    1. haha i no time to do write up mah... plus after i buy, the price drops. hahaha the first 5 letter is China