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SRS portfolio - 31 March 2014

It has been a while since i post on my blogs. Hope all of you are doing fine but i have been neglecting my retirement plan and totally out of touch with the market.

This is the status report as of 31 March 2014 where i reported the loss from the sale of China Environment. The loss was a heavy one given the larger exposure but however, it was probably a good "cut". 

I received the 3 annual reports for my SRS portfolio in April. Here are my initial thoughts without going through the annual reports. I will be reading the reports when i have time... (which unfortunately have been very evasive). 


I have to tell you this is one of my most pleasant experience investing in a tech stock. I first invested in UMS on 6 Sep 2012. It has been more than 2.5 years! I have received dividends 6x of about $700 and the share price as of 12 April has more than doubled my initial entry price. ^_^ This will probably teach me to be "less biased" towards tech companies :-P

Overseas Education

I bought Overseas Education on 6 March 2013 and it has just passed the first anniversary. I have received dividend once amounting to $275. It is a pretty stable business and should continue to show promise once the school site in Pasir Ris is up and running.

CM Pacific

I first bought CM Pacific on 12 April 2013 and have since received dividends of about $330. It has been a under performer so far (in my standard) but hopefully, we can see increased revenue as the middle class in China becomes more affluent, buy more cars and travel more.

As of 12 April, the SRS portfolio for existing listed portfolio alone is up around 48% but unfortunately, I am sitting on a big cash pile of $98.7k to be deployed.

I will see if i have more things to report after i run through the annual report, thus in the mean time, Happy SRSing!


  1. Big cash pile is good as "dry powder" in case market goes down and good opportunites come about. As it is now, not many good opportunities around.

  2. Well... Too much cash sitting around doing nothing. Need to use it to generate passive income. ^_^

  3. Put it into a Money fund , I am 100% into MMF for now generating 2-4% pa a year. Markets crash then switch back to equities