Adsense 970

QT Vascular ("QTV")

I first evaluated the above Company in my IPO blog. The post is here.

I have since added 50 lots of QTV to my SRS account. The post is here

My original intention was to accumulate slowly but somehow the intention was never realised. The share price has gone through the roof after 2 reports came out.

UOBKH issued a original and updated report with a target price of $0.51. The report courtesy of SG Market News.

CIMB then initiate coverage with an even more aggressive target price of $0.64! The report is here  courtesy of SG Market News.

The counter has risen 37% since my entry once month ago... if only all my investments perform as such ah...  ^_*

Happy SRSing


  1. This is your big catch. Congrats!

  2. Thanks. Probably not big but fast. :)