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SRS Portfolio - 30 Sep 2014

Here is the portfolio summary as of 30 Sep 2014. 

There is only one portfolio company remaining and that is CM Pacific. I have also sold off Overseas Education when the 90c support level gave way. It was executed by my broker when I was travelling. 

I am back to almost 100% in cash and it is sitting at $116,620. 

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I never hesitate to cut loss when the positions turned against me. I would rather preserve the capital than to sit through the unrealised losses. I will also set protective stops that let me get out at a profit then to see it turn into a loss as what you have seen my japfa position. My only "regret" is i should have sold it at 96c. :-P

This is just an extension of my character and personality. I don't like to hold on to losing positions and hope for the best. There is no "hope" in my investment or trading portfolio.  I wouldn't be happy if I am still holding to Japfa or QT Vascular now. You will have to find a style that suits your personality. Protecting the downside is important to me. 

360 - SRS Account

I am still thinking hard on how my investment strategy for SRS account should be. I haven't got a "landing" yet. Should it be focused on passive income or should it be for more aggressive growth stocks? Every time I think about it, I get a "headache". 

The reason why it is difficult is because I am a risk taker and to invest for dividend or for distribution income just don't sound right but at the same time I also recognize that having a steady stream of passive income is important towards achieving "financial freedom".

Let me give a further thoughts and see if I can get a landing. I will also share what I invested recently in a separate post.  

December is approaching soon. It's time to think about squirrelling some cash into the SRS account...

Till then. Happy SRSing.

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