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Random thoughts for April

It has been a while that I have the luxury to sit down and blog. I have been on the road. Many things happened this month. 

A friend passed away

My friend who was around my age passed away this month, leaving behind his wife and young child. I was glad that I managed to see him one last time before I flew off. He has been in the hospice and suffering for a while. 

When I received news that he has passed away, I was filled with both sadness and relief for him. Life is short. Treasure your loved ones. 

A responsible family man
Although he died young, he had been a responsible man. He not only paid off the debt on his home, he has also managed to build up a portfolio of stocks that generates passive income for his family. This is what I call a responsible family man. 

I spoke to a very successful fund manager recently. He said he only recruits a family man for his team. When asked why, he said, "if a man takes good care of his family, he is a responsible person and you can rely on him to take good care of your investments too." 

Here you go. A little inspiration for you to start taking good care of your family. 

Private investments 

I have been making investments in private companies whenever the right opportunity arises. It was interesting that my IPO blog was recently the source of my upcoming investment into a start up company. This will likely be my 4th investment into an unlisted company. I will dedicate a blog post to it in the coming days and you might be able to benefit from what that company is doing in that post. 

Public markets

I haven't been following the public market too closely. Really getting rusty but I am just too occupied with a few projects. I will need to buy stocks for my SRS accounts. Those that I can buy and then throw inside kind and look at it once in a long while.... sigh... 

Time is indeed one of the most previous commodity. Where have the last 4 months gone to?


  1. Its always a sad thing when your friend and loved ones died. Such events make you reflect and realise how short life is. But then again, the quality of life is not defined by the longevity, but whether we have achieved any meaningful things when we are alive.

    SG Wealth Builder

    1. Yes indeed! But equally important is the manner in which we achieve them too.., :)