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SRS Portfolio as of 29 Feb 2016

It has been a while since i last updated my Starfish SRS portfolio. My last update was on 30 Sep 2015 last year.

One of the reasons why i stopped updating was because DBS stopped sending me the monthly statement but that is frankly a lousy excuse. The other reason was that I am pretty inactive in my SRS accounts and there had been no change in my holdings till February this year. (nothing to buy from Singapore market during this period anyway).  

I will try to make it easier for readers to follow going forward and hopefully i can be more discipline myself in doing more for this two accounts (me and wifey) through trading and investing.

Let's take a quick recap on my cost and holdings 

Invested Capital as of 31 Dec 2015

Fair Value of Holdings as of 31 Dec 2015

Corporate Actions for Feb 2016
  • Sold 10,000 shares of Capitamall Trust at $2.10
  • Received $288 as dividend from Capitamall Trust
  • Trade Singapore Post and received profit of $1,187 (regretted selling too early)
  • Received dividends of $375 from Singapore Post
  • Bought 2,500 shares of DBS at $13.75 (part of my rebalancing in selling UOB)

It was quite funny. My total value actually went up from $134,918 to $144,180 from 1 Jan 2016 to 4 March 2016 (increase of 6.86%)

Wifey's SRS account

Wifey's SRS account didn't fare as well probably due to a few mistakes i made. Let's quickly summarize.

Fair Value of Holdings as of 31 Dec 2015

Corporate Actions for Jan/Feb 2016
  • Received $200 dividend from UOB
  • Received $492 distributions from Keppel DC REIT (updated subsequently to this post)
  • Sold 15,000 shares of Keppel DC REIT at $1.045
  • Sold 1,000 shares of UOB at $16.95 (when the $17 support broke).
The cut loss of UOB turned out to be a very bad move. The share rebounded immediately and it is $1,500 "profit" gone as of yesterday!

The value dropped from $38,631 to $37,010 as of 4 March 2016 (drop of 4.2%)! Better buck up. hahaha.

I am holding all cash in this account today.

Next Steps

I have decided to take a more pragmatic approach towards investing in these two accounts. I am not so fixated on creating "dividend income" anymore but would rather look at growing the total value of these two portfolios till i can withdraw the cash in these accounts. I am currently behind schedule as the value are compounding only at between 3-4% since i started (worse than the special accounts) hahaha.

Sigh! i would need to scale up my own performance! ^_^

Let's check back again later this year.

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