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SRS Portfolio as of 31 March 2016

March seemed to be an "active" month for both SRS portfolio for my wife and I.

Corporate Actions for March 2016
  • Sold my position in DBS Bank for a profit of around $3,500
  • Made a stupid mistake to "chase" Jumbo and bought at the highest price of 48.5 cents ^_^ 
  • Contributed $15,300 to both SRS accounts. In case you are not aware, the limit was raised this year. You can read more from IRAS website here.
  • A late entry was a $492 distribution from Keppel DC REIT which i didn't update early.
Including the 2016 contributions, the invested capital for our SRS accounts stands at $189,975. Including the unrealised mark to market values of UMS Holdings and Jumbo, the fair value as of 1 April 2016 is around $208,570.

Passive Income Update

This section is purely our investments made for passive income. It does not include the gains or losses from trading. My target is to hit $120,000 per year at retirement using the bond ladder i blog about here. That will hopefully create a monthly income of around $10,000 which we can use to travel round the world. I promise to blog more about my world travelling plans here when i retire next time)

Mrs IPO applied for the Aspial Bonds which i had a write up here. Since she applied for it, i gave it a miss so that on a combined basis, we are not overly exposed to a single counter. Believe it or not, it was her first "virgin" application. Although the interest income goes to her, i will view it as part of the passive income that i am creating for the family. Hopefully, she will get more interested in investing and spend less time on bags and shoes. :-P

I was also allocated 25,000 shares in the placement tranche of Croesus Retail Trust at 75 cents each. The trust is currently yielding more than 10% but i have to say they used a lot of leverage to get that 10% yield. I will hold it for now since i got it at a really nice price.

Based on our stocks and bond investments, the current projected interest income is around $11,600 per year. Still a long way from our target and most of the income coming in April and October. 

Till next time and best wishes for your personal pursuit for financial freedom.


  1. very nice update. I like. :)

    personally would still debate on suitability the bond ladder unless for people close to retirement.

    kudos to mrs ipos. :)

    1. Agreed. Bond ladder for people close to retirement but need to start somewhere. Took me awhile to persuade her to part with her money lol. :)

  2. Hi. I noted that croesus retail trust placement is a private placement. I like to ask a noob qn on how to apply for private placement? Thanks :)

  3. Hi. I noted that croesus retail trust placement is a private placement. I like to ask a noob qn on how to apply for private placement? Thanks :)

    1. It's like applying for placement IPO shares. the placement bank will place out via their network of investors. In this case, DBS was helping out with the placement.

    2. hi Mr IPO,

      nice blog, not many people writes about SRS in its entirety, like you do..

      was the private placement of CRT for accredited investors of DBS?

      in future, for private placement, how do we get access to it?

  4. another quick qn,

    which is the best platform to RSP using SRS funds?

    coz most of the platform have the min brokerage fee of $25~$28, so a few hundreds worth of buying is not quiite worth it..

    1. Hi FC,

      Thank you for visiting the blog.

      I am not sure what RSP is? Can you tell me? With regards to your earlier question, it is private placement for investors (don't have to be accredited).

      Mr. IPO

    2. Its regular savings plan (RSP)- whereby its automated deduction of a fixed amount montHly to buy a particular stock or fund. For cash, there is a alot of platform. But for SRS, I know only ocbc has, but their min brokerage is a turn off , for small amounts.

  5. Sorry, I don't quite understand how to buy private placement. I understand it's not the same as the usual rights placement.

    I myself owns croesus too. But somehow, I don't think I receive any letters or forms to register my interest in the so called private placement.

  6. FC, private placement is different from a rights issue. It is more dilutive to the existing shareholders but administratively easier for the company.