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SRS Portfolio as of 31 May 2016

The last 3 months had been very hectic. My life is upside down is probably an understatement as i put through relentless hours of work (including many weekends) to make sure my deal closes. Anyway i will likely be moving on after the deal closes...need a break to blog. lol. 

My last update was for the month ending 31 March 2016 and below are the "actions" in May. 

Corporate Actions for April / May 2016
  • Received dividend distribution of $1,500 from UMS 
  • Sold my Jumbo at 52 cents and missed the remaining run up to 60c (ouch)

Passive Income Update

I first blogged about Moolahsense here on 8 May 2016. As of 15 June 2016, I have received about $312 interest to-date. Let's see if this is sustainable when i do the next update. So far so good.

I also committed some money to a new PE bond issued by Temasek through a bank. This is a interesting concept which is rather innovative and bondsupermart has written two articles on them and the two parts are linked here: Part I and Part II. Interesting to note that Bondsupermart actually allows you to indicate your interest here. Assuming i get some allocation, then my passive income will grow to approximately $35,000 per year. While it is still some way off my target of $120,000 per year, it is definitely inching closer as i create the bond ladder i blogged about here step-by-step.

Happy bonding till we next "meet". 

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