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You must be wondering where Mr. IPO has gone to ... Is he busy catching Pokemons and neglecting this retirement blog?!?

Well... I have been living in a suitcase for the last few months, round the world for work and not for catching Mr. Mime unfortunately... And this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future... Sigh 

The Pokemon eggs is probably an apt picture. It symbolize the state of our IPO market, it symbolize how the bond markets here has "crashed", thereby affecting some of the prices of my bond holdings, it also symbolize that I should be busy "executing" my retirement plan instead (which I am guilty as charged of not doing anything). 

Being all the road all the time is really not conducive for retirement planning and plus the fact that my new set up requires me to seek approval for every single buy and sell decisions is seriously bothering me. I am still figuring out how to execute my retirement plans given the various constraints (including minimum holding period) !

While I am still keen to build up my dividends / income generating portfolio, I am probably more cautious now as the local economy is not doing well. Having more cash on hand is probably not a bad thing (excuses for not doing anything I guess). 

Anyway, I am back, picking up the paces and getting my momentum back to the market, yearning for the day where I can freely buy and sell shares again...

Perhaps I should look at the REIT ETF instead... 

Happy "exeggcuting" your retirement plans ! 

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