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Moolahsense / Trading Update - Jan 2017

I first blog about Moolahsense in May last year. My blog post is here.

Since then, I have met up with the management team of Moolahsense and decided to increase my allocation to $75,000.

My interest earned for 2016 was around $4,335. Having said that, the potential delinquency has gone up in recent weeks and currently, i have about 3 cases of late/no repayments currently.

Let's see if it turns out well eventually but with the economic downturn, i am expecting higher delinquencies in the coming months. 

Goal 2 - Generate trading income of $1,000 per month

I mentioned that one goal of 2017 is to generate about $1,000 per month. My blog post is here. January has turned out to be a good month so far.  Let 's see i can meet the goal by end of the year. As of mid Jan, i am slightly higher than my $1k per month goal. This is a 12 month journey so let's hope i can keep this up.

I haven't shared my trades as i am still not sure if i should but my current trade is in SGX made a few days back.

Happy swinging. Make the hay while the trump rally last! 

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