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SRS Feb 2017 update

On Valentine's Day, I used the cash in my SRS portfolio to buy presents - 2 REITs for myself. My criteria was pretty simple:

1.  Yield of REIT is more than 6% (both yield more than 6.5% at my purchase price)
2.  Price/NAV is less than 1.0x (both trading around 18-20% discount to its book value at my purchase price)

From that list, i bought 30,000 units of Fraser Commercial Trust (yield of 7.6%) at $1.29 and Starhill Global (yield of 6.9%) at $0.755 each on 14 February.

The addition helps bring my projected passive income to around $40,717 each year. Based on my historical cost of $610,349 (without accounting for revaluation gain), the portfolio is yielding around 6.7% and you can see from the chart below that i have some cash coming in every month except for Feb and Aug.


I have in my goal for 2017 to reach $60,000 per year by end of this year and at $40,717, i am close to the 68% mark. Assuming I am able to utilize my cash of $75,000 cash in the SRS account, i should be able to hit the 75% mark. My eventual target is more than $100,000 per year, so i still have some way to go. I will continue to add on to dividend or interest paying counters when the opportunity arises.

Happy SRSing ^_^

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