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SRS Activities for Sep 2017

There isn't much activities in my SRS account in Sep except for interest received. I have blogged about my purchase of UMS Holdings in my last update here. The share price of UMS has since moved up since my add-on acquisition of 92 cents. The portfolio value of my SRS portfolio improved to ~$209k.


Hyflux 6% Perps

In terms of non-SRS portoflio, Hyflux Perps suffered a decline in value to around 92 cents after its Q2 results but has since recovered to 94-95 cents region. Many bloggers, have in recent months, expressed concerns on the viability of Hyflux and it is also no secret that they are looking to divest their TuasSpring plants. According to their presentation slides, they are also looking to spin off their consumer lifestyle "ELO" business. 

As you may already know, perps is probably one of the biggest "con" job in the industry, where in a dire situation, it ranks below bonds and in good time, it doesn't perform like equity. 🤒 The good thing is that i have received 6% of interest. so if i divest now, i would probably recover my cost. The next interest payment is due around 29 Nov 2017. My gut feel is that the Company wouldn't dare not to pay this as it will send very wrong signals into the marketplace. I will revaluate this position when the Q3 results is out.

APAC Realty

One pleasant surprise is the 10,000 shares in APAC which i got from the public offering has done really well (increase by 35%) since its debut.  I believe the current year's results (especially first half) will be excellent and the share price has now moved above the range i mentioned in my earlier post. While i like to dish out chillis on IPO stocks, please don't ask me whether you should buy or sell your shares after listing. Frankly, if i can predict share price movement, i would have become a billionaire by now 😅


Today there is an informative article on how you can "hack" your CPF in planning for retirement. The article is here. I would strongly encourage you to look at the 10 hacks. It is an indication of your stage in life as well. If you are already at Hack #10, it probably mean you have done very well for yourself and your family. 

In October, we have also fully "repaid" the amount which we have withdrawn from CPF to pay for the current property. From now on, it will be the government who will pay us the 2.5% interest on the cash, it is no longer own-self pay own-self interest any more! 😂

That is all for now. This is your life and your journey but i am sharing my journey with you so that you can make "less mistakes than me". 

Happy retirement planning. 

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  1. Mr. IPO, appreciate your valuable advice on Hyflux 6% Perps after your evaluation. Thanks.