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Review of 2017 and Goals for 2018

Time flies. It seems like yesterday when I blog about my Goals for 2017. 

I always like to set goals for myself at the beginning of each year and see if I am able to achieve them by the end. 

Let's take a quick look at how each of those goals pan out for 2017 and how I measure against them. 

Goal 1 for 2017 - Increase net worth to $x.5m

My definition of "Net Worth" is basically everything we own under the sun from property to stocks and shares and CPF balances. Any increase will be a combination of capital gains, income generated and savings. This is probably the most meaningful measure of what I can "pass on" to the next generation. 

We managed to increase the net worth to $x.366m by end of the year. This falls short of the target by $134,000. The shortfall is also caused by the many trips taken over the last year. 🤣 (see Goal 6 below)

Goal 1 for 2018: Increase net worth to $x.616m (or by $250,000)

Goal 2 for 2017 - Create a portfolio that generate a passive income of $60,000 per year 

At the end of Dec 2017, I only manage to achieve $49,123. This is also due to a weakening of USD, as part of my portfolio is in USD. 

This is one of the more challenging goal to achieve as you want to derive passive income without comprising the portfolio value. 

My passive income goal for 2018 will remain the same. 

Goal 2 for 2018: Unchanged. Create a portfolio that will generate a passive income of $60,000 per year

Goal 3 for 2017 - Trading income of $12,000 per year. 

This is where I seriously underperformed. I didn't trade much last year due to my work schedule. In addition, my preference to take a longer term view of the market meant I took on less trading and more investment positions. This will remain the same in 2018 where I will invest more and trade less. 

Including capital gains and dividend income but excluding the IPO tikams, my portfolio gained $76,839 in 2017. Given that 2017 is a great year for equity investors and unlikely to be repeated, I will have to set a more conservative target for 2018. 

Goal 3 for 2018: Generate valuation and trading income gain of $25,000. This excludes the gains from goal 4. 

Goal 4 for 2017 - Generate IPO Tikams gains of $15,000 

2017 was a good year for IPO Tikams where I generated $26,158. See blog post here. It would have been a better year if not for some of the constraints placed on me. I am glad to say that the constraints has now been removed in 2018 as I have move on to a new company. 

Given IPO markets are sentiment driven and the deal flow is beyond my control; I will try to be less aggressive for my 2018 goal but it will still be a step up for 2017. 

Goal 4 for 2018: Generate IPO Tikams gain of $20,000

Goal 5 for 2017 - Repay all CPF capital and interest drawn for properties

I probably "over-achieve" here where I repaid all the CPF balances and the accrued interest during the year! I used up my bonus and savings to do that in Jan, Apr, Aug, Sep and Oct. 

Originally I have saved up the cash for deploying into the enbloc property market but I missed the boat due to my procrastination and the unwillingness to pay ABSD. In my "fit of anger" 🤣, I repaid more than $400,000 (principal plus accrued interest) back to CPF for both of us. I can always dip into CPF balances again should the property market crashes. 

My goal of returning the cash to CPF is to secure the "foundation" of my retirement plan using CPF as the first layer. CPF are low hanging fruits paying in excess of 2.5% in risk-free interest and I rather the government pay me interest then "own self pay own self interest". 

On that note, a total interest income of $30,143 from Ah Gong was credited into our CPF OA and SA accounts on 31 Dec 2017 😋. Next year will have a higher interest as the CPF balances will have the benefit of the entire year arising from my repayment. 

Goal 5 for 2018: Limited in what I can do here. Probably to max out the balances in CPF through voluntary contributions

Goal 6 for 2017 - Travel to 6 new cities / places / experiences 

This contains my bucket list and I took extended time off this year to recharge and travel. This definitely won't be repeated in 2018. 

I visited more than 11 new cities / places / experiences. Here are some of the highlights in 2017 😊

Viewing Sakura in Washington

Visiting the Highline Park in New York City 

Saying hi to Ms Liberty 

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Watching sunrise at Borobudur

Visiting the Vasa Museum in Stockholm

Visit Cinderella castle in Neuschwanstein 

Cross the boat in Lake Bled in Slovenia 

Visit "Lord of the Rings" - Skocjan Cave Slovenia

Watching the sunset in Rovinj

Hiking Lake Plitvice in Croatia

Hallstatt & the salt mines in Austria

Sampling smelly tofu food in Taipei

Viewing Autumn leaves in Niagara

Final Pilgrimage to Le Mont Saint Michel

As you can tell, 2017 will be hard to repeat...

Goal 6 for 2018: 5 new cities, places and/or experiences

Goal 7 for 2017 - Slim down to 80.8 kg (target not met 🤣)

This wasn't exactly a stretched target but like age; the metabolism slows down and it's difficult to get down to my ideal weight. 😭 I need to slim down! 

Goal 7 for 2018: unchanged. Slim down to 80.8 kg

Goal 8 for 2018 - Invest in US stocks (not met)

I didn't manage to invest in US stocks, which I will attempt to do so again in 2018. 

Goal 8 for 2018: unchanged. Start investing in US stocks


I am pleased to say that I enjoyed 2017 and it had been kind to me. The biggest achievements are not monetary gains but the fond memories and experiences created with family and loved ones. 

Live your dreams, life is short.... and have a great 2018 ahead. 

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