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What is your personal credit rating in Singapore?

I previously mentioned that i have changed job recently and was asked by my PA to submit a credit report on myself to the authorities . . . 🙄 . . . wouldn't the authorities already have access to them already . . . ???

Anyway... what is this credit report? Well... it is your credit profile with the banks here and in the report, you will be given a credit score that shows your potential "default rate". 🤔

And the factors affecting your credit profile are as follows:

Looking at my own credit report, i realised the banks have been diligently uploading all my credit card, loans, stocks margin account repayment records onto the system . . .

and the banks which i have applied credit cards for, have also been diligently assessing those reports as well.

So what is Mr. IPO's credit rating .... ??

Mr. IPO's score is 1975, enough to get a AA rating, better than most sovereign's debt other than Singapore's AAA rating. 😂 Would you like to place some money with me? 

Well, i have given you 4 digits to buy for this weekend but if you want your own 4D number, you can get your own credit report online here.

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  1. If you go cold into CBS, you need to pay for your credit report.

    If don't want to pay, you can apply for credit card or bank loan --- the bank will go to CBS for your credit rpt --- and you get to access your credit rpt online for free (i think for 3 months).

    You don't need to take up the credit card or bank loan.

    I prefer what they do in other developed countries --- allow individuals to generate a free credit report once or twice a year.