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Mr. IPO weekly ramblings

Welcome to my weekly ramblings. I have no specific topics since I am lazy and want to do one post for many random stuff 😆

SRS Website 

As you can tell, I have reinstated my previous blog layout. After experimenting with a new design, I still find the old layout more practical and easier for readers to search for previous articles (and make it easier for the ads to be shown as well 😂)...

Passive income / Portfolio update 

No further additions to my passive income portfolio. The projected full year income is still around $54,423 and my goal is to hit $60,000 in passive income this year. You can search for updates on my portfolio here.

Let's see what are some of the results that have been announced. 

Frasers Commercial Trust

My shareholdings has now increased to 47,168 due to the DRP programme.

Starhill Global

Received about $352 of distributions based on my shareholding of 30,000 shares. 

UMS holdings

UMS announced a record year with net profit rising to S$52m and proposed a final + special dividend of 3 cents. Based on my 100,000 shares position, it will translate into a $3,000 dividend payment on 25 May 2018. I am looking forward to that payment. In the press release, the Company mentioned that "barring unforeseen circumstances, the Group expects prospects to remain bright for FY2018." I will continue to hold on to UMS Holdings for now.

Hyflyx Perps

Hyflux announced a poor set of results and that it will not be redeeming its CPS in April until Tuasspring is divested. Olivia continued to sound defiant and the bankers (especially DBS) is scrambling to determine what the damage is, especially to the Perps market. Probably the Perps market is now dead and the primary culprit is Hyflux.

The "What-If" Portfolio ?

Now that I have build up a stable stream of passive income, I am turning my focus to create a "what if" portfolio.

I had been wondering why we like to tinkle with our portfolio so much. Why can't we just buy and hold on to the stocks, why do we always have the urge to keep rebalancing the portfolio.  And if I had invested in some US stocks just 5 years ago (around year 2013) and not even extending that to the global financial crisis, I would have done very well for myself. 

A simple portfolio of $100,000 in 5 stocks (without even considering the dividends) that I use in everyday life - let's just say Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet (Google) would have done very well.

Apple - returned 178%
Microsoft - returned 70%
Facebook - returned 470%
Amazon - returned 462%
Alphabet - returned 171%

and the portfolio would have grown from $100,000 to $290,200 over 5 years and if i extend to the financial crisis or even longer, the same $100,000 amount would have translated into millions of dollars.... so the question is, why am i not investing in global stocks... ? I would definitely like to start nibbling in global stocks and hold them for a long time ... let's see if i have the patience and foresight to execute this and check back this space many years down the road.


  1. Where is it that say bankers are scrambling to determine the damage to perp ?

    Can't find leh

    1. based on my discussions with them lor...

  2. Dear Sir ,could you enlighten what is the cheapest method to buy US listed stock to hold medium term?
    E.g open us account from spore or us broker?
    What is potential sum required to open the account?
    Would the paper profit being taxed by US if any
    Thank you

  3. You can check out the local brokerages (many of them offer US stocks). I think US$3000 should be able to open one account. Usually capital gains are not taxed but dividend income is.