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SRS Portfolio 6 Feb 2021 - and a Happy Moo Moo Year

I sold my position in Starhill Global REIT this week when it hit my sale price at $0.535, resulting in a small "profit". 

I am still holding on to my two other positions - Fraser Centrepoint Trust and Suntec REIT and the portfolio is showing a small gain of $7,682  

After the sale, the SRS cash to be invested is now standing at $242,274. With a few more days to Chinese New Year, I don't think I can find any stocks to deploy in the year of the Rat.

The year of the Rat seemed to be a weird one. On one hand, every economy was suffering and many people were affected by the fallout. On the other hand, the stock market globally recovered from June and has remained buoyant since. Everyone has nothing else to do but play the stock market?

My back-of-envelope computation (excluding the annual $15,300 contribution) seemed to show that the SRS account grew by ~ $48,000 during the Covid year. The SRS portfolio value as of 6 Feb 2021 is $347,324, implying the year of the Rat returned around 16.8%. (All ballpark numbers which can be properly calculated if I am feeling bored by digging through the old posts). 😷

I am sure many readers here would have "bettered" this return if they are fully invested whereas I am sitting on partial cash in my SRS account all the time.

May the year of the Golden Ox will be a better year for all my readers and here's wishing all of you and your loved ones a healthy, wonderful and abundant 2021 !   


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