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Frustrating Week?

It was a frustrating week for the Starfish SRS account as i missed out on a few counters that i wanted to add on but the stocks left the train station before i could react.

The only consolation was that i added UOB and Keppel Corporation last week at the low. The post was here.

The stocks that i was eyeing to add to my SRS portfolio included:

  • Singtel at 3.15
  • AIMS Reit at 1.40
  • Kep REIT at 1.18

I guess part of the 'inertia' to add on to my SRS portfolio was because i have open trading positions in Sembcorp and Noble and that i am leaving Singapore soon for an extended break. 
It is still a tough act sometimes to act 'independently' for each account. hahaha.


STI has reversed its bearish bias and turned neutral by closing above the neckline of 2,980 and then trending higher above the 3,000 level. It is too early to tell if the correction is over and whether it is heading towards 3,050 to form a triple top?

Happy investing and have a good season-ending break. :)