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Starfish SRS Portfolio update

Finally back from a prolonged period of travelling. I will do a quick update on the Starfish SRS portfolio

Far East Hospitality Trust

Good to see the Trust making hotel acquisition - Hotel Rendevous in Singapore. Hopefully it will add more yield accretive and interesting portfolio hotels in future.


Every time i look at this counter, my heart ache comes back. hahaha... Starhub is still doing very well! I think the lesson learnt will be to add on M1 instead of "switching out" of Starhub! 

Nera Tel

Some readers asked me if they should accept the "offer letter". My view is this, if you intend to accept the offer, you might as well sell into the current market at the same or better price. In this way, you will get the money back faster. You should only "accept the offer" if the current market price is trading below the offer price. You should not accept the offer if you think the offer price is too low and an insult to your intelligence.

The previous buyout ended with a victory for the Minority shareholder. It will be interesting to see if this offer will end up in the same situation. I don't think the minority shareholders are impressed by the offer on the table.

Perennial China Retail Trust

Pleasantly surprised to see the stock finally moved from my entry price! The entry post at 50c on Sep 22 was here.

What should be the "right strategy" for my SRS portfolio?

I know i shouldn't be trading and "rebalancing" this portfolio too actively. I have traded UOB and Keppel Corporation in the post here and cut losses on STXOSV, Cache Logistics and Suntec REIT in the post here.  Frankly i think i shouldn't be 'trading' my passive income portfolio. This portfolio should be to generate passive income for my retirement.

A few interesting stocks previously mentioned.

Courts Asia - has done pretty well from my post here!  

Religare - Hit a high of 89c from my earlier posting


  1. Are you accepting the offer for neratel?

  2. Not at current offered price.

  3. at current price, still can enter courts? Note that they hit a high of $0.895 before retracting...

  4. I will prefer to wait for a better entry point.