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UOB & Keppel Corporation & Dividends Received in November


The investment in UOB turned out to be better than expected. My earlier post is here. It closed at $19.73 yesterday. I have decided to exit the position as it has already reached my original target and i am travelling for another week. You may want to do a trailing stop if you have also entered the position. Frankly i shouldn't be trading by SRS portfolio but the price is looking too tempting not to exit and create some "dividends" for myself.

Keppel Corp

I have also decided to exit my position in Keppel Corporation. Not sure if this is a wise decision.

Dividends Received for Nov

The SRS portfolio received the following dividends:

Starhill - $111 
Cache Logistics - $107.20 (already divested) The link is here.
Suntec - $117.50 (already divested). The link is here.
Interest - $1.64

Happy SRSing.


  1. You exit Kep Corp based on TA signal?

  2. Not really TA. I think still can hold if based on TA and FA. Just that I can't watch the position. It's the happy hols period.