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Ascott Residence Trust

Today, i added 5 lots of Ascott Residence Trust for my SRS portfolio.

Actually i am not sure if this will turn out to be a good buy but my intent is to add around 6% yield to my SRS portfolio. I already have a Far East Hospitality Trust, but having this will probably diversify the source of "hospitality related" income.

My intention is to slowly build up a diversified portfolio of REITs such as office REIT (not sure why i sold off Suntec in the first place) and some logistics and industrial REIT (not sure why i sold of Cache either) when the yields are more attractive. hahaha. 

Anyway, nothing much to add. This is a well researched and established company.

Happy SRSing.


  1. What's your opinion on Stxosv? good value to buy or risky?

  2. hello Master ........ me bot b4 cny :P

  3. Depends on whether their new owners will hands off and let the competent mgt continue to do their work. STX is supposed to be world leader in oil rig support ships and if left alone, I suppose it should do ok as long as offshore oil rig demand grows (which might be impacted by growth of supplementatary product from gas obtained from fracking on dry land).

  4. Sorry, i have not been following STXOSV but from technical perspective, the resistance is around 136-138. Fundamentally, they have a new owner who came in at 1.22. They probably see some value at 1.22.