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SRS Portfolio 31 Jan 2013

There is no activity for the month of January except for an interest income of $2.60.

The invested capital since inception is $82,875. Cash stands at $61,153 and valuation of the portfolio is $39,660. This translate into a ROI of 1.22x (including both realised and unrealised gains). 

Looking back 2012, I think the results could have been better if i had held on to the shares I sold (Starhub, Suntec, Cache Logistics).

I am waiting at the sidelines to deploy my cash pile of $61,153.... seems like a difficult task. There are 4 stocks which i want to add to my portfolio but the prices is not right yet.

DORK (one alphabet represents one counter). I will add on more alphabets as i think about it later.

Happy SRSing :)


  1. Wow... you online 24/7 ah... :)

  2. Let me venture a guess for R and K

    Raffles Edu/Rotary and K-Green/Kingsmen?

  3. R is wrong.
    K is one of the two.
    Most stocks I have mentioned before except the R stock. Hahaha.

  4. Hmmm..

    Dutyfree, Overseas Edu, Raffles Med, Kingsmen?

    I like Raffles Med a lot, but the price shot so far up... :(

  5. Although I think religare and raffles med are good counters, they are not on my list yet. This R stock pays a dividend of >5% and is somewhat related to the healthcare industry and is based in Malaysia. The volume is thin though. Haha should give u enough hints already. :)

  6. Riverstone Holdings!!!

  7. Riverstone, interesting, will read up more about it.

    What's your take on Overseas Edu? I like its potentially attractive dividend yield, several big-name investor for its IPO and it's Singapore-based. (Raffles Edu is let down by its China operations)

    What would be a good price to enter?

  8. Probably around 48-55 can consider. My gut feel.