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AIMPS Reit and CapitaRChina

I am terribly busy with work and am going for a trip soon, thus am not entering into trades even though i see some beautiful opportunities for trading last evening.

Nevertheless, i made 2 investments for my SRS portfolio but i will not elaborate too much as they are basically yield plays as i re-balance my SRS portfolio with this sell down.


Industrial REIT that is yielding around 7%. I entered 5 lots at 1.65

Capita Retail China

Bought 5 lots at 1.57. Again for the yield which is around 6%.

Happy SRSing


  1. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    I must admit I'm tempted to go into the market too for a few cheapies as well.

    All the same, here is some warning, and hopefully this warning will save the $2 or more in application fees and school fees.

    URL :

    Specter of Another Bond Crash Spooks Asia

    Kim Choong Soo is seeing ghosts, and that should scare you.

    No, the Bank of Korea governor isn’t seeing ghouls or hearing things that go bump in the night. The nightmare preoccupying him involves Alan Greenspan and what traders call the Great Bond Market Massacre of 1994. Kim worries that history is about to repeat itself, potentially devastating Asian growth rates.

  2. Haha yah. The high yield bond will burst soon


  3. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    Apart from 1994 Bond Collapse, there is 1999/2000 Asian Financial "Crisis". (AFC)

    If this 1999/2000 AFC hits again, nobody should expect the Americans to step in once more. I don't think the Americans should, or will, step in.

    This means keeping some "full wallets" for such crisis. Please don't forget.