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A Global Meltdown and a REITgrettable mistake?

The recent addition of 5 REITs actually added a lot more volatility to my SRS portfolio.

As of end today, the entire SRS portfolio is only up 5.6% and all the losses are ALL "contributed" by the recent REITS that i added! :(

Have i been too impatient in adding the REITs and was it a bad mistake? A lot of the REITs looked "downright" ugly... and it will be a while before they recover.

The portfolio as of today looks like this:

We shall see if a meltdown is on the cards. I will probably implement a strict "cut off point" should a global meltdown happens to preserve my capital.

For those who want to purchase a property, you will need to see a global meltdown in equity prices before it filters down to property prices. 

To complete the picture to those who have been following my Apple purchase, it hit my "stop profit" level and i got out at a small profit last week. 

Take care all :) 

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