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Mapletree Commercial Trust & Sabana REIT

Today i added 2 more portfolio counters into my SRS portfolio.

5 lots of Mapletree Commercial Trust at 1.22. The projected yield should be ~5.5% at current price.

5 lots of Sabana REIT at 1.15. If i recall correctly, the projected yield should be around  ~8.5% at current price. I was also contemplating Cache Logistics but it seemed that with the recent addition of AIMPS and Sabana, i am "too" overweight on industrial REITs whereas the yield on office and retail reits have yet to drop to appealing levels yet.

I am building up a portfolio to create a stable cashflow of dividends for my retirement, so my focus was more on the cashflows. 

Not sure if it is a good time to buy, only time will tell. ^_^

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