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Starfish SRS portfolio as of 30 June 2013

During the month of June, i received the following distributions:
  • Dividends from China Merchants Pacific - $165
  • Distributions from Far East Hospitality Trust - $69
  • Interest income - $1.25
To recap, i bought the following as well:
As you can see from the statement, the addition of the new REITs purchased resulted in some unrealized losses to my portfolio :-P

Happy SRSing.


  1. I'm a newbie to shares and I found your IPOs blog very helpful and impressed by the amount of work you've done.

    I'm not sure if this is off topic in any of your blogs, but can you write up or brief me the different between XD and book closure date (BCD)? Someone told me in order to receive dividend, I've to buy share by the last day of CD and hold it until the BCD. However, I see share price dropping the moment it went into XD. Don't they want to hold until they've received the dividend?

    If BCD = Fri 5-Jul, then XD = Wed 3-Jul(??) and CD = Mon 1-Jul(??).

  2. Really? You should check with your broker but my understanding is that as long as you bought during the CD, you will be entitled to the dividend.


  3. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    To collect the dividend, you have to have :

    a. bought the shares at least [ 1 day before XD.]
    b. to hold any shares you have [ until XD. ]

    The BCD (book closure date) is not relevant. In particular, you don't need to buy during CD and hold to BCD.

    To repeat : What you want to do is to buy at least one TRADING day before XD, and hold the shares to XD. On or after XD, you can sell the shares and still collect dividend.

    The BCD is largely irrelevant.


    And yes, it really is best to ask the remisier. The remisier might very well be collecting your brokerage for nothing. Give the useful fella (the remisier) something better to do.


  4. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    I picked up on the article that Sabana was purchased.

    Just for record, Sabana is apparently looking to renew leases in November ( 2013 ).

    There are therefore risks to the income stream in Nov. Perhaps the risks are no greater than usual, but I thought you may want to know.