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Topping Up SRS account

Today i made a quick trip to the bank to top up my SRS account to create more 'dry powder' and for tax savings reason even though technically i can wait till end of the year to do the top up. How time flies, i blogged about my previous top up in Sep last year.

As of today, the invested capital is as follows:

The value is based on today's closing price. I have to tell you that i have been fairly inactive for a long time with my SRS until i decided to be more active last June and start blogging my journey here. I hope it can be a little inspiration to you to start saving for your future and create a portfolio that generates passive income.

You just have to take the first step out... like what i did in 2006 and gradually, it will build up over the years.

Happy SRSing


  1. Hi,

    if govt pushes the retirement age to beyond 62, that will delay the draw down age from the SRS account and derail our retirement plan. Your opinion on this ?

    1. It's beyond my control. Haha. Probably they will lose more votes ? It doesn't prevent me from drawing out though. At most pay tax only but at which time I may not no more income to tax.

  2. How come you choose to lock away your monies?
    Might as well diversify and invest in physical gold.

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    1. I not familiar with gold plus it cannot generate passive income. It is just an "inflation" hedge unless I want to "speculate" on the price.