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SRS Portfolio - 30 Nov 2013

A relatively quiet month given that I have only 4 positions but the good thing is all of them are in the black, even China Merchants, which has been in the red previously. 


Received $165 from China Merchant Holdings in November. 


Received $3.94 in interest income. 

I am holding on to too much cash to the tune of $95,875 but in all honesty, haven't have any ideas on where to deploy the cash yet as the stocks at current valuation are generally not "good value". 

Happy SRSing. 


  1. Try Vard? At a low but with possibility of turnaround and it is a world-class company in the niche that it is in. If they stick to previous dividend trends, yield also quite decent.

    1. Tks but had bad experience with it. Plus not sure if the Italian owners will be as generous since the previous owner has vested interest to pay out as much cash as they could since they are selling the asset away