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Have you 360 recently?

It's interesting that banks are coming up with the 360 relationship concept. This concept was not really that new but has became more popular in recent months. 

If i am not mistaken, Standard Chartered first pioneered this concept to reward you on a overall relationship such that you received reward points if you have a housing loan, investment account, credit cards with them. 

OCBC and DBS then offered something along those lines where they give you a higher tiered interest if you met some or all of the conditions, including if your salary is credited into their bank account etc. 

Do you do a 360 account of your own life?

I am not sure if you regularly do a pulse check on your own goals and retirement plans. It's like doing an annual health screening to see whether you are still on the right path towards financial freedom or have veered off the road. 

A 360 review means achieving the ultimate objective is not the only goal. It includes other goals along the way. I have shared with you previously that attaining the goal is one thing but the way in which you achieve it is equally important. No point achieving financial freedom early but you have no friends or family to share the moment with. Cherish your loved ones. Get the picture?

A 360 review of your own life can cover many different aspects including but not limited to the following:
  • Personal - Career, Personal Development, Health, Happiness, Mid-life Crisis, etc
  • Family - Kids education, housing, well-being, vacation plans, etc
  • Retirement plans - Net worth, passive income plans, investments, taxation, etc.
Each aspect is independent but yet intriguingly intertwined with each other and the toughest part is always to strike a balance. Let me give you a simple illustration. You want to reduce your monthly expenses to build up your net worth now but that involves cutting down on your wine and dine. An alternative to cutting down your expenses is to get a pay raise but having that pay rise may lead to long hours being spent in office which makes the family unhappy as they don't get to see you at home so often. Neglected kids then fail their studies which then affect your mental well being and that affects your work quality.

Do a 360 today

I am in the midst of doing a 360 review for myself as well as my family. I will share more thoughts on what insights i gained in future but it was actually tougher than i thought. I am still stuck on how the retirement plan for Mrs IPO should look like given the capital comes from me :-P.

I will share more about Mrs IPO next time as well as my 360 review on my career, CPF,  investments, property, trading, goals, holidays, etc.

Happy 360ing.


  1. Hi IPO,

    Discovered your blog! Will read thru your posts to pick up valuable lessons from your sharing.