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SRS portfolio - 31 July 2014

It was a pretty interesting month where i divested UMS holdings on 1 July and bought 50 lots of QT Vascular at 46.5 cents on 21 July. While on my business trip, it went all the way up to 52.5c, translating into a "unrealized" profit of $3,000 in 3 days only to see it turn into a loss this August as it closed at 44 cents last Friday. hahaha

Let's see how it goes as it was my intention to build up a slightly bigger position but the current technical picture certainly don't look enticing enough for me to add on to those positions. Do note that my SRS account is meant for investing in stocks for the longer term and they must have some promising growth elements. 


I always like to give my account a re-look every now and then and I am currently in the midst of refreshing my thoughts. Seems like i have missed out adding to some of the counters that i wanted to, such as Starburst Holdings for the longer term.

IPO and you

I hope that by now you would have realized that everything is inter-related. I analyzed IPO for shorter term punts and longer term investing. That was how Overseas Education came into SRS account more than one year back.

I hope you also realise by now that IPO is a very dangerous place :-P and sometimes people can talk up an IPO to lure you to subscribe only to dump the shares on you. Most stocks cannot make it one, so you have to be very discerning if you are investing for the longer term and longer term prospect is very important. 

In addition, you should also move on from just playing the IPO market. You should start investing in stocks and shares rather than just punting the IPO market. 

Happy investing. I will share more thoughts when i have time ^_^

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