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This JAPFA has been a frustrating investment.

I first bought 50 lots at 85 cents on 19 August. The post is here.

The stock rose all the way to 96 cents. I have to admit that i was seriously contemplating selling it when it broke the interim uptrend line at 93c but given this is supposedly an investment account, i decided to hold on for the "long term".

However, i hate seeing a winning position turned into a losing one, as such i decided to close it off when the 90c support broke today. Sigh...

Happy SRSing ^_^


  1. You Juan Jiu Hao (Mandarin) ;-)

  2. QT Vascular's very weak too. I'm currently vested because of its PTA Chocolate growth story, and potential M&A. But these won't happen till at least next year.

  3. QT I am also concerned when the 6 months moratorium ends for the pre IPO investors. It will add to selling pressure unless the company keep releasing good news.

  4. QT just broke support again today, damn. TA wise, perhaps closing the gap at 40c. Hope that support holds.

    1. I don't like the look of it and may cut loss lor. But I am travelling this week...

  5. What software did you use to make that graph? Did you need to use python?

  6. My broker suggested me not to do investment in JAPFA, and thus making good trade is possible for me.