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SRS portfolio 31 Aug 2014

The positions as of 31 Aug 2014 for reference. There are no dividends this month. 

I have liquidated JAPFA in my earlier blog post when the share price weakens. Similarly I did the same to QT Vacular this morning.  Having such volatile stocks in my SRS portfolio that is fundamentally not "value-oriented" and yet doesn't allow me to be "flexible" enough to take profit or cut loss doesn't seem right for the SRS strategy I am pursuing. 

SRS strategy

I am still trying to figure out what should be the most appropriate SRS strategy in relation to the 360 review which I have been doing for both myself and wifey. 

I will be spending the next few days thinking about it while gorging on the street food in Bangkok hoping not to get any stomach ache in the process. ^_^

Happy SRSing. 

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