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SRS Portfolio - 30 Apr 2015

There is nothing much to blog about about my portfolio as of end of April. I have been very busy with work but having said that, I added a position last Thursday. I will blog about it in my next post. 

UMS Holdings Limited

UMS holdings went XD on May 5 and the dividend of 3 cents will be paid on May 28. My shareholding of 50,000 shares will receive a dividend of $1,500. This definitely feels more substantial than the one coming from Sembcorp! 

Sembcorp Industries Limited 

Sembcorp went XD on April 23 and the final dividend of 11 cents will be paid out on May 18. Based on my wife's shareholding of 2,500 shares, that will translate into a dividend of $275. That sounds quite pathetic. hahaha. If i include the amount paid out during the interim, the yield will be around 3.95%. Maybe i should have 'created' my own dividend by selling at $4.80. lol....

The Company announced a poor set of Q1 results on May 7. The presentation slides are here. The Q1 net profit was down a whooping 23 % due to intense competition in Singapore. The Q1 EPS is 7.8 cents. Net Asset Value stands at $3.31. The outlook for the remaining 2015 continues to be challenging. While I don't like the outlook and smell of things, the share price may have already priced in the poor results. I will hold it for now unless the share price crashed below the major support of $4.05.

Happy SRSing. ^_^  Still have quite a bit of cash to deploy!..... 

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