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Starburst just went burst today....

It was pretty ironic.

The stock that i wanted to buy but missed out, IPS Securex, ran up like crazy from 49c and the one that i managed to get, Starburst, went down the gutters after announcing a very poor set of Q1 results and now i am sitting on a unrealised loss of 3.8k within one day... ouch!! The stock chart looked super ugly

This is the perils of investing in small cap stocks with lumpy earnings..... Although the Company took great pains to explain that Q2 will get some revenue but i am not sure if it will be as good as Q2 last year...

I am so so so so upset with myself.... :-( 

I will need to re-look at how i select stocks for long term investing but first i need to find the time....


  1. I thought you would go for more predictable recurring income stocks for SRS rather than lumpy income in Starburst.

    1. Probably not in a right frame of mind when I bought it.... sigh.

  2. you have to refine your prospecting especially when listening to the koyok some of these ipo directors are trying to sell you.

  3. Have faith in your convictions. Price dropping doesn't make it a bad business. Price rising doesn't make it a good business.