Netlink Trust Strategy Update

I previously highlighted my strategy on Netlink Trust in my post here where i would like to buy 100,000 shares of Netlink. Here is the update for the trades done last Friday.

•  Mrs IPO managed to be allotted 13,000 shares from her application of 50,000 shares over the ATM. The IPO, as expected, opened weakly and I managed to get an additional 37,000 shares for Mrs. IPO at 80c. The entry price is a tad better than the ATM price

•  I also mentioned that i didn't apply for the Netlink Trust as i would like to use the cash from my SRS account. I managed to buy 25,000 shares at 80.5 cents for my SRS account on Friday but my other buy queue at 80c was not filled (I queued at different times from Mrs IPO). I was hoping that the stabliisation manager would run out of bullets and the price will drop further 😂 In any case, i will decide on the balance 25,000 shares later depending on how the share price perform in the coming weeks.

Interestingly, both Daiwa and DB issued buy calls on Netlink NBN Trust in the last few days....

On a related note, since i have utilised around $20k for the Netlink purchase above, I have decided to top up $15,300 into my SRS account today for this year's tax deduction. This will bring my cash balance back up to around $69,000. 

Happy SRSing


  1. when is the paid out for dividends? any idea. Thanks for the update.

  2. Should be before June next year and then twice every year


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