SRS portfolio - Q2 update

It has been a while since i blog about SRS account. Let me see if there are any interesting stuff happening to me in Q2 2017...

Dividend and Interest Income

Received about $8,854 in dividends this quarter
  • Received $2,975 from Hyflux 6% Perps 
  • Received $1,500 dividend income from UMS Holdings
  • Received $356 from Starhill REIT
  • Received $2,319 from Perennial Real Estate Bond
  • Elected to receive 567 units in Fraser Commercial Trust (Scrip Dividend) - Cash equivalent $752
  • Elected to receive 1,131 scrip dividend in Croesus Retail Trust (Scrip Dividend) - Cash equivalent $952
  • Wifey received some cash interest from her Aspial bonds (off my balance sheet - so not included here. lol)
I found that electing to receive scrip dividend is not that bad as it automatically "roll-over" the dividend into new units. It was available for Fraser Commercial Trust and Croesus Retail Trust but not for the rest. I will continue to build up my portfolio of REITs and dividend paying stocks here. 

UMS Holdings and Croesus Retail Trust has done very well for me, appreciating by 92% and 55% respectively and i have held them for years. Blackstone has since made an offer to acquire Croesus Retail Trust at $1.17 per share (see report here). We shall see if GK Goh manages to help increase the price from Blackstone! But if the privatisation is successful, i will have to find other stocks to replace this and it will most likely be dilutive since Croesus is giving me such a good yield.


I blogged about my intent to pay back CPF the amount drawn for my property in January this year. Well, i have done that in April this year in a "spur of the moment" and repaid CPF the principal plus the interest i owed them in one single cheque. I decided that repaying CPF is probably better than repaying the banks since CPF is charging me 2.5% while the bank is charging me SIBOR + spread.


I am actually "on-a-roll" here where i managed to get some meaningful placement shares for the last 5 IPOs - Kimly, Sanli, WCG, Shopper360 and Y Ventures! I am still holding on to them but will likely start to reduce some of these positions. I am also likely to turn down the placement for Netlink Trust. I was thinking of applying from the ATM tranche (save the 1% placement fee) or use my SRS account to buy them post listing. Netlink Trust will be more of a retirement portfolio and not for IPO punts.

Going Places

I mentioned that one of my goal in 2017 is to travel to 3 new cities or places - i have met them already! 😀 I will share with you next time... this is one crazy year of traveling for me

Happy Retirement Planning


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